7 U.S. Destinations to Visit While Spring Is in Full Bloom

For many of us, springtime’s warming weather conditions and brilliantly blooming flora inspire a revitalized zest for the great outdoors. The sense of renewal that accompanies this season makes it an ideal time of year for vacationers. The months between winter and summer tend to offer pleasantly mild climates without the hustle and bustle of heavy tourist seasons. As an added perk, lightened crowds make the spring a great time to travel on a budget.

These 7 American destinations will help you take advantage of the spectacular springtime weather.

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1. Charleston, South Carolina

Visitors flock to Charleston year-round to soak in its quaint old-world feel, but the city exudes a special kind of charm during the spring season, U.S. News & World Report writes. This coastal town offers an eclectic collection of restaurants and museums against stunning backdrops of Spanish moss and stately Georgian architecture. While you’re here, lounge in the sun on the city’s beaches and stop at the famed Charleston City Market, where you can pick up anything from produce to souvenirs.

Source: Mark Ashman/Disney Parks via Getty Images

Source: Mark Ashman/Disney Parks via Getty Images

2. Orlando, Florida

Avoid the staggering crowds and unbearable humidity of summer theme park season by opting for a springtime jaunt to Florida. Lines for attractions at Orlando’s Universal Studios and Disney World resorts will be relatively short prior to the start of summer. U.S. News & World Report adds that temperatures hover around the 70s and 80s here throughout the spring — perfect for poolside lounging and roller coaster-hopping alike.

As an added perk, Mouse Savers notes that timing your vacation around May will make for a particularly affordable trip. Disney World is known to offer lower rates at park resorts and restaurants in the early- to mid-spring season.

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

3. Portland, Oregon

A springtime visit to Portland will quickly illustrate how this destination earned its “Rose City” nickname. Portland has a relatively mild climate all year, but Travel + Leisure notes that a springtime visit will give tourists the best taste of its natural wonders.

With the arrival of warmer weather in April and May comes a showy display of the city’s rhododendrons, azaleas, cherry trees, and roses as they reach peak bloom. If you’re visiting from mid-May to mid-June, don’t miss out on the amazing Portland Rose Festival, highlighting the best of the season’s flora. To be on the safe side, pack your rain gear — a city can’t get as green as Portland without a few showers here and there!


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4. Yosemite National Park, California

For all admirers of the great outdoors, springtime in Yosemite National Park is a must-do, writes About Travel. Streams and waterfalls reach their peak flow levels after the winter thaw, while dogwood trees and other plants lend bursts of color to the breathtaking scene. As with our other destinations, a spring venture to Yosemite means thinner crowds, making the park all the more peaceful and magnificent to behold.

Washington, DC Cherry blossoms

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5. Washington, D.C.

Travel sites such as Departures and Travel + Leisure name Washington, D.C. as one of the most fabulous stops for springtime travelers. The city’s famous cherry blossoms reach full bloom in the month of April, while the rest of the city springs to new life in the spring months as temperatures start to trend upward.

With temperatures hovering in the 70s throughout this season, the city’s walkability becomes all the more advantageous for visitors. Companies like D.C. By Foot and Walk Of The Town can help you take advantage of the weather while giving you a taste of the city’s most important cultural and historical sites.

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6. Montpelier, Vermont

Climbing springtime temperatures transform Vermont’s once-snowy peaks into lush blankets of forestry, ideal for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. State capital Montpelier is located a stone’s throw away from premier mountain resorts like Stowe and Stratton, making it a great stopover for spot for vacationers with a penchant for the great outdoors.

The New England spring tends to hover in the 60- to 70-degree temperatures — perfect weather for enjoying a long hike or a brisk evening around the campfire. USA Today notes that these prime weather conditions are complemented by some of the year’s most affordable rates.

San Diego at night

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7. San Diego, California

See San Diego in full bloom this spring with a visit to the annual Coronado Flower Show, one of the largest of its kind on the west coast. The city also makes for a great family destination, with hot spots like the San Diego Zoo offering an abundance of warm-weather events and activities. Additionally, U.S. News and World Report urges visitors to make the most of San Diego’s 70-mile stretch of Pacific coastline during their stay.

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