7 Ways to De-Clutter Your Bathroom

De-Clutter Bathroom

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The average American will spend one-and-a-half years in the bathroom. As such, one can not afford to have it cluttered, disorganized or dirty. That’s why we have found seven ways to de-clutter your bathroom; ensuring you spend those one-and-a-half years as efficient, relaxed, and comfortable as possible.

1. Add More Mirrors

Our first tip is more of a design change. Did you know that mirrors work with the light to create a wider look for your bathroom? Therefore, if you’re planning a bathroom remodel, choose wide, tall and large mirrors. Furthermore, as obvious as it may seem, flat mirrors will save a lot of space—less storage, however.

2. Install Recessed Lighting

Just like the mirrors, another way to make your bathroom feel less muddled is by installing recessed lights as opposed to chandeliers or pendant lights. On top of the physical space, their soft glow can blur the boundaries of the bathroom, making the space appear bigger than it actual is. Even if you don’t have recessed lights in place, any bathroom remodeling pro can easily install them in one quick afternoon.

3. Use a Coat Rack for Your Towels

Oftentimes, we have to share the bathroom with our significant other, brother, sister, or children. Most Americans prefer to have their own towel, but when you’re sharing a small bathroom with one, two or even three people, all those towels can start to take up valuable space.

Instead of hanging multiple towel rods across the bathroom, mount a coat rack behind the door. A coat rack usually comes with four to six hooks, allowing you to hang each towel separately. This is especially useful if you consider yourself a germaphobe and don’t like your towel touching others.

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Source: DesignMine

4. Go With a Vanity Sink

Pedestal sinks are surely popular, but they offer no storage whatsoever. This leaves you with even less space to store your hairdryer, shaving kits, brushes, makeup, and other essential toiletries. Many in the industry will say that vanity sinks take up too much surface area, but compared to a standard pedestal sink, the difference is minimal. Therefore—especially if you installed a flat mirror with no medicine cabinet behind it—you need to install a vanity sink to de-clutter your bathroom.

5. Add a Built-In Storage Unit

A built-in storage unit is a must-have in all bathrooms struggling with organization. It doesn’t only make your key toiletries accessible, but it also doesn’t get in your way. For example, a corner niche in the shower provides an additional space to place your shampoo or soap, clearing your path as you enter and leave your shower. On the other, if your walls allow it, instead of adding a medicine cabinet, create an indent in the wall next to the sink. This tactic is extremely useful if you don’t have a vanity or medicine cabinet elsewhere.

A spice rack behind your vanity door is a great way to not only de-clutter your bathroom, but de-clutter the inside of your bathroom vanity. If you really need the extra space or have back issues, rollout shelving is another option. It helps double your existing space and the sliding design offers easier access to the hidden space in the corners of your cabinets. On top of that, you’ll never feel stressed when searching for your extra toothpaste or other essential toiletries.

7. Stay Organized

The final tip seems simple, but as any chaotic bathroom-owner will know, staying organized is the best deterrent for a de-cluttered bathroom. Put your toiletries away when they are not in use. Use any and all storage options. Clear off your counters every night. Wipe down your shower every so often, and wash your bathmats. Remember: a clean and organized restroom can make all the difference for the one-and-a-half years you spend in the bathroom.

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