8 Alarming Burglary Statistics—and How to Prevent Them

Burglary Statistics and Prevention 101

Did you know that two million home burglaries occur every year in the United States, and that the combined property losses in electronics, cars, jewelry, and other items add up to almost $4.7 billion? It’s astonishing, yes. And it could happen to you.

With the holidays around the corner, you may be going somewhere to visit family and friends. You could be driving across town for the day, or you could be flying across the country for a week. In any case, you could also be leaving your home a prime target for opportunistic burglars.

So, how do you prowler-proof your home while you’re gone? Hiring a home security professional to install a system will decrease your chances of burglary significantly—by almost 300 percent, in fact. But it could also cost you money that you just don’t have to spend this time of year. Fortunately, if a security system isn’t for you, there are other steps you can take to protect your house:

  • Use a heavy duty deadbolt lock
  • Keep interior and exterior lights on a timer
  • Store your valuables. You can have a safe installed professionally for about $800 or put one in yourself for around $200, with the cost primarily covering the purchase of the safe

Get the facts on theft and learn how to beat the burglars in the above infographic from HomeAdvisor.

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