8 Edible Centerpieces Sure to Amaze Your Holiday Guests

Your gifts may be wrapped and your places set in anticipation of this year’s holiday guests, but many of us are still scrambling to figure out the finishing touches that will distinguish our gatherings from the rest. No dining table is quite complete without a festive centerpiece to tie the meal together, so why not go above and beyond this year with a new spin on holiday décor? Create any of these eight edible centerpieces for a themed display that your holiday guests will not soon forget.

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1. Sugared Fruit

Sugared fruit is one of the simplest, most polished ways to dress up your dining table for the holidays. Begin with an array of fruits, such as baby grapes and Lady apples; pears are also a beautiful, seasonal accoutrement. Brush lightly with an egg wash or simple syrup mixture, then dip in sugar to achieve a gorgeously frosted look. The result is an understated and quick-to-assemble decoration that is sure to leave a lasting impression your guests.

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2. Cake Bite Holiday Tree

Guests will be floored by the beautiful color scheme — not to mention the indulgently sweet taste — of this Cake Bite Holiday Tree from Candiquik. The display incorporates homemade cake pops with bakery-worthy designs, achieved by dipping the morsels in melted candies of various hues (the cool blues and whites in the example are especially well suited to the chilly winter weather). Pipe candy coating designs onto the exteriors, then dust with edible shimmer dust for a festive finishing touch. You can find all these materials at your local craft store.

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3. Gingerbread Christmas Tree

Gingerbread is one of the coziest and best-loved holiday treats, making it a great option for décor as well as dessert at this time of year. Instead of opting for the standard gingerbread house, adorn the center of your table with this lovely gingerbread tree from Penguin Says Feed Me — it’s easier than it looks! Simply follow your favorite recipe for gingerbread (or use the one provided) for your dough, then cut out in star shapes of various sizes using 5 graduated star cookie cutters. Threading a wooden dowel through the stack is the best way to ensure a clean presentation, so be sure to cut a hole in the center of your cookies to accommodate it. If guests start sneaking nibbles of your final product, that just means you’ve done your job right!

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4. Sugar Cookie Stacks

If you’re a host who likes a table with a splash of color, then Taste and Tell Blog’s Sugar Cookie Stacks are the choice for you. Bake your favorite sugar cookies dyed in red and green, being sure to create them in different sizes. Once they’re done, ice with white frosting of your choice and stack into gorgeous “snow”-covered stacks. For a similarly vibrant display, you may wish try Teaspoon’s remarkable red-and-green Cupcake Tree.

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5. Winter Wonderland Cupcakes

This dramatic cupcake-studded centerpiece from Picture Perfect Meals will offer an incredible aesthetic to your holiday feast. Dip fresh rosemary sprigs and fruits into a simple syrup mixture, then coat in sugar for a wintry look. You’ll want to whip up some red velvet cupcakes to complete the display — either use your preferred recipe or follow the link on the website. Arrange cupcakes, sugar-dipped fruits, rosemary sprigs on a pedestal cake stand (or any suitable platter) to finalize your sophisticated winter wonderland centerpiece.

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6. Ferrero Rocher Topiary

Everybody loves luxurious Ferrero Rocher truffles — consisting of a full hazelnut center wrapped in creamy chocolate, then topped with a crispy wafer that is draped in chocolate and nutty chunks — by Italian Chocolatier Ferrero. Serve up these irresistible treats en masse by crafting a Ferrero Rocher topiary for the holidays. The brilliant golds in the display will amaze friends and family, and we doubt any guest will be able to leave without picking a few truffles off the display for themselves. For a simplified tower presentation, visit Belly Feathers Party.

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7. Snowball Cake Pop Tower

The Country Chic Cottage’s Snowball Cake Pop Tower is as divine in appearance as it is in taste — just try not to eat the whole thing before guests arrive! This “recipe” offers a few shortcuts to save you time without sacrificing sweet cakey flavor. The dish combines mashed Twinkie cakes with melted vanilla almond bark, all dipped into sweet coconut flakes for a decadent, snowball-like treat. You’ll then roll chipboard into a cone shape and spear your cake pop dowels through to create a gorgeous snowball tower.

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8. White Chocolate Strawberry Tower

Eliminate the hassle of baking any components in your centerpiece by using white chocolate-dipped strawberries as a festive accoutrement. A green garland at the base will help tie the colors into one wonderfully festive holiday presentation. It’s important to note that this tantalizing dish is difficult to transport and is best prepared on-site for your gathering. Trust us — it’s worth it!

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