8 Hotels Offering Some of the Best Fitness Options Ever

Going on vacation shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing your fitness goals. Just about every hotel promises a state-of-the-art fitness center, but many of them are lacking. Sometimes you’ll find just one or two pieces of cardio equipment and a few mismatched weights in a suffocatingly hot room. There are definitely better options out there. Some hotels have made offering plenty of workout choices a priority for their guests, and we’ve tracked down some of the best in the country. Go with one of these eight chains, and you’ll definitely stay on track while away.

Kimpton Hotel bike

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1. Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants

The folks at Kimpton definitely have the fitness-focused traveler in mind. A sub-par fitness center just didn’t seem good enough, so they’ve rolled out some more advanced options. The Active Times selected this boutique chain thanks to specialized services that include a 24-hour yoga channel, complimentary bike access and, in some locations, group runs and walks. The article also mentioned that some hotels offer free fitness classes. Not every location offers the same choices, so you’ll have to check with a particular destination to find out exactly what you’ll be getting. With hotels in 30 different cities, Kimpton could be a part of your next vacation.

Westin Hotel

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2. Westin Hotels and Resorts

Runners will want to check out the programs at Westin when booking their next trip. These hotels have seriously stepped up the standard hotel offerings with advanced fitness studios that don’t have the rigid hours many others impose on guests. Travelzoo praised this chain for the RunWESTIN program, which provides running maps as well as guided outings. You can even pay a fee to score a room equipped with cardio equipment, mats, and weights. And don’t worry if you forgot your workout clothes, because you can rent New Balance gear for just $5. The hotel also emphasizes healthier eating, so you don’t have to settle for greasy room service.

Fairmont Hotel Bermuda

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3. Fairmont Hotels and Resorts

After hearing guests talk about the importance of staying fit on vacation, Fairmont decided to listen. Luxury Travel Magazine highlighted this chain thanks to their partnership with Reebok that has made staying in shape a compete breeze for travelers. As a member of the Fairmont President’s Club, which is free to join, you can have your pick of shoes, jackets, and anything else you may need to work up a sweat. If you really love the gear and don’t want to give it up, you can purchase anything you’d like at a 15% discount. For those who need a little bit of musical motivation, Fairmont also offers pre-loaded MP3 players that accommodate a variety of preferences.

Four Seasons Paris

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4. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

This hotel chain doesn’t have the same nation-wide standardized programs of its contemporaries, but that doesn’t seem to matter. Travelzoo explained nearly every location comes with a well-equipped gym and personal trainers. The article mentioned that many Four Seasons hotels offer specialized services based on the setting, like guided hikes in Scottsdale, Arizona. Men’s Health chose the location in San Francisco as one of their favorites thanks to a great lap-pool and studio classes. A run around Paris isn’t a bad idea either. With tons of locations around the world, you shouldn’t have much difficulty finding one that fits your travel needs.

TRYP fitness room

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5. TRYP by Wyndham

Guys lucky enough to have their own home gym will want to look into TRYP’s fitness rooms. Rather than one fitness center where everyone is on top of one another, this hotel offers guests the option to book rooms that come complete with workout equipment. Business Insider reported this feature is available at nearly every hotel, and guests can choose from an elliptical machine, treadmill, or stationary bike. Travel Channel particularly liked the TRYP in Times Square because it also offers free access to a nearby gym for those who prefer to take a class. Visit TRYP’s website to find out more about the different locations and features.

Trump Hotel fitness center

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6. Trump Hotel Collection

Regardless of how you feel about the infamous host of The Celebrity Apprentice, the hotels bearing his name are not messing around when it comes to keeping guests in great shape. Features like in-room equipment on request, workout gear from Under Armour, and access to running maps made this chain one of The Active Times’ favorite hotels for exercising. As for the fitness centers, they come with just about everything you could want in a gym. You can also rest assured that you’ll have plenty of healthy food options with room service that can be tailored to your specific nutritional needs and tastes. If you’re in a hurry to get a bite to eat before rushing out for the day, the Quick Bites program offers plenty of nutritious choices that guarantee delivery in 15 minutes or less.

EVEN Hotel

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7. EVEN Hotels

This relative newcomer was built for fitness-minded guests. GrindTV highlighted EVEN’s high-end gyms that give guests access to traditional equipment as well as fitness classes. The article also noted the option to exercise in your room, where there’s a little alcove dedicated specifically to working out. It’s outfitted with just about everything you could want in a home gym, and you can also use the hotel’s exercise guide through a mobile app. And those who prefer to work up a sweat outside will be particularly pleased with staff suggestions for nearby trails and pools. Locations are limited right now, but the demand for these types of offerings could lead to more choices in the future.

Sheraton Hotel fitness center

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8. Sheraton Hotels and Resorts

As demand for healthier accommodations continues to increase, Sheraton has really embraced the wellness trend. Luxuo picked these hotels as some of the best for fitness thanks to a simple gym-in-a-bag that comes with a foam roller and different exercise equipment. But there are a lot more reasons to love this chain. Sheraton also topped The Points Guy’s healthiest hotel picks because of healthier dining options, as well as a hugely expanded exercise program. They’ve partnered with Core Fitness to offer traditional gyms, workouts available for download, and group exercises. No matter how you like to get your heart rate going, you’ll find an option that’s perfect for you.

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