8 Landscaping Projects You Can Complete This Afternoon

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Source: Thinkstock

Landscaping is dirty, but all the sweat and mud that goes onto it always seems to come up roses when you step back and admire your terrific work.

Nevertheless, who has days or weeks to complete big landscaping projects? Time is always of the essence, and that is why we found eight landscaping projects you can complete in less than one day—if not a few hours.

1. Plant Flowers in Your Front Yard

Planting flowers is the easiest and quickest way to add pop to your landscape. Flowers don’t only add color to your entrance, but give your home a welcoming and inviting feel for all guests. Go to your nearest hardware or landscape store to buy seeds for beautiful lilies, roses, petunias, or whatever flower you want to see every day. If you can’t wait for them to blossom, go ahead and buy the flowers directly. Then, all you need to do is dig some holes, move mud around, and plant.

2. Fertilize and Seed Your Lawn

Fertilizing and seeding are two of those projects many don’t notice, but are necessary nonetheless. Think of it as training for a marathon. No one sees the work, but they do see the end result.

Much like the vegetables and fruits we eat to grow big and strong, lawns need fertilizers and seeds to grow thick and tough. Fertilizer is composed of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, all of which your lawn needs. You can apply fertilizer or seeds by hand or a spreader. We recommend a spreader because it will distribute both evenly, but hands work just fine. If you do use your hands, apply each by itself slowly.

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3. Grow Some Vegetables

Growing vegetables, much like planting flowers, will not be completed in one afternoon, but it is a project you can start in a few hours. Planting vegetables does require a more concrete landscaping schedule, but it’s more tedious than difficult.

Patrick Rodysill, of Star Apple Edible Gardens in San Francisco, says eager landscapers should plant smaller edibles in front and longer-season veggies in back. On top of looking great, you will have jealous neighbors year-round. Not sure your small yard can fit a few fresh vegetables? See four other small yard landscaping projects.

4. Create a Window Garden

Window gardens bring landscaping onto the home. They give bland home exteriors the color they deserve. Fortunately enough, with the proper materials, the project doesn’t take longer than a few hours.

Start off by lining a wooden crate with plastic. Cut holes to prevent the wood from rotting. Place rocks over the holes in the base and fill the container 3/4 full with soil. Then, arrange the plants in the crate. Make deep holes and place them in. Fill in around the plants with soil, making sure the base of the stem where it meets the root is level with the soil’s surface. Water consistently and attached to the window. See the entire process on HGTV.

5. Make Terrariums

While terrariums are not traditionally placed outside the home, they do make great additions to any landscape. Best part is, with the proper materials, the projects take less than one hour.

As long as you have a few fish bowls or large serving containers, you can make gorgeous and inspiring terrariums. Other supplies that are needed are:

  • Tiny succulents
  • Potting soil
  • Decorative stone
  • spoons

Terrariums are great projects that can display all those unique stones you purchased overseas. Gather some inspiration by checking out some of our favorites here.

6. Craft a Pallet Organizer

Pallets are not typically used around the house, but when it comes to organizing landscaping tools, other than a shed, few spots make landscape-organizing look better.

Head to your nearest lumber yard (or maybe hardware store) and ask for a used pallet. Even if they do charge, it won’t be expensive. Start off by opening a compartment at the top to hold gloves, small shovels, and tiny tools. Then, thoroughly clean the pallet. Sand and/or paint if you wish before attaching to the wall. Add some hooks, hang your larger landscaping tool, and voila. To see how the pros do it, check out Our Little Acre.

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Source: iStock

7. Add a Storage Shed

The final two projects will take longer than one afternoon, but both can be completed with one full day. There are a few steps one needs to go through.

After applying for the permit and deciding on the material (wood or pavers), you must start with the base. If you are using pavers, remove the grass as you start to form an even ground. Throw down some paving sand and even it out. If you’re going with an all-wood shed, just add an extra frame below the shed to make sure it’s straight. Then, if you went with pavers, you have to add stirrups to give it the support it needs.

To round out the process, you must:

  1. Construct and attach the wall frames
  2. Attach the outer walls
  3. Connect the roof
  4. Add the doors
  5. Finish it off

8. Add a Fence

Much like a storage shed, there are certain steps one must complete before adding a beautiful fence. After you mapped out where important electric lines are and called a local utility company, you can add post holes for your fence. Make sure you are not digging on the marked utility lines. After ensuring the posts are even, build your fence, attach and add concrete around your post holes (only for vinyl fence). See all the steps here.

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