9 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas You Can’t Afford To Overlook

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Making the most of a small bathroom without adding clutter is a challenging task for many homeowners. Despite limited space, a small bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a home. More often than not, your small bathroom is drowning in an array of toiletries. However, unless you’re a millionaire living in a mansion, you are most likely facing a small bathroom organization issue.

Despite these size limitations, your small bathroom can store more than you can imagine—you just need to spend some time discovering hidden storage spaces. Have no clue where to start? Read on.

1. Keep Everything Handy

Although pedestal sinks are terrific space-savers, many homeowners are not happy with their lack of storage space. Unlike others, if you still prefer the sleek design of pedestal sinks, here are a few solutions for your pedestal storage problems:

  • Towel Bar: Designed for pedestal sinks, a circular towel rack can help hold up to six towels and keep your towels right at hand.
  • Under Pedestal Sink Organizer: Similar to the towel bar, an under-sink organizer also wraps around your sink, but offers more storage space—it usually comes with two curving tiers. You can use it to store smaller toiletries and keep your small bathroom clutter-free.
  • Extra Surface Space: If you’re thinking of switching to a pedestal sink, pick one that has extra surface space on the sides. This way, you’ll have room for your hand soap and toothbrush holder.

2. Maximize Your Vanity Storage Space

There never seems to be enough storage space in your small bathroom, even if you have a vanity sink. However, it might be because you don’t really know how to make the most of your small vanity cabinet. To maximize your vanity storage space, you should install a spice rack or shallow caddies on the back of the doors.

Rollout shelving is also a must-have addition to your vanity cabinets. For one, it helps double your existing space. Additionally, the sliding design offers easier access to the hidden space in the corners of your cabinets. On top of that, you’ll never feel stressed when searching for items in your cabinets.

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3. Install A Mirror that Can Do Double Duty

We all know that mirrors can create the optical illusion, making your small bathroom seem much bigger. But it would be a shame if you only chose a simple mirror. Instead, try installing a mirrored medicine cabinet so you could have an additional space to store your daily supplements or cosmetics behind the mirror. Moreover, by recessing the mirror cabinet into the wall, your small bathroom will feel more spacious. The average cost to install a mirrored medicine cabinet is approximately $270.

4. Build A Wall Niche Near Your Vanity

The most-used space in your bathroom is the vanity, sink and mirror area, which we call the “grooming station.” To speed up your morning routine and start your day off right, your grooming station needs to be as productive as possible. The simplest way to achieve this goal is to keep everything you’ll need at your fingertips.

If you have too much stuff that can’t fit in both your vanity and medicine cabinet, try building a wall niche between the studs at the end of your vanity countertop. Thus, you can not only keep your essential grooming tools handy, but also get your small bathroom better organized.

5. Use Additional Curtain Rods to Store Bathing Supplies

A recessed niche unit is also a great addition to your shower. Yet, another idea costs less than $50, and is totally DIY-friendly. All you have to do is add a second shower curtain rod and a few curtain hooks to hold waterproof baskets. Then, you can get more space to store your bathing supplies or even kid’s toys.

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6. Find Storage Potential Beneath Your Bathtub

Rumor has it that if you install a bathtub in your small bathroom, you’ll lose a lot of storage space. That’s not completely true. In fact, you can find some serious storage potential hidden beneath your bathtub. One of the most popular solutions is to incorporate your bathtub with a pull-down drawer system. With this storage system, you can immediately turn the wasted space into a useful place, where you can store bath necessities.

7. Hang a Coat Rack Rather Than Multiple Towel Rods

What makes living with a small bathroom even worse is that you have to share it with your family, especially when you’re a germaphobe. Since you insist that everyone use their own hand towel and bath towel, towel storage is a big issue in your shared bathroom. Additionally, your high standard of personal hygiene won’t let anyone put one towel over the other.

Instead of installing multiple towel rods to organize your towels, try using a coat rack. A coat rack usually comes with four to six hooks, allowing you to hang each towel separately. Most importantly, compared to multiple rods, a single coat rack will make your tiny space more visually appealing.

8. Add a Shelf Above the Door

Another secret storage place you probably never thought of is the unused space above your bathroom door. You may thinkit’s a hard-to-reach place, but think twice. Isn’t it the perfect spot for storing chemical cleaners you want to keep away from your kids?

By simply adding a shelf above your doorframe, you can boost your small bathroom’s persona—as well as child safety.

9. Make the Most of Your Wall Space

Is your bathroom still short on storage? Look around your bathroom and you’ll find your wall is full of storage possibilities. Here are a few more creative DIY storage ideas to inspire you:

  • Hang decorative baskets to disguise extra supplies
  • Hang mason jars next to your vanity to store makeup tools
  • Store toothbrushes on the wall to save space in the medicine cabinet
  • Hold mini bobby pins with a magnetic strip
  • Mount multiple wood crates with bold colors to add interest to your small bathroom


Just because your bathroom is small doesn’t mean it must be short on storage. From the sink, vanity, mirror, shower, bathtub to walls, you can always find clever ways to neatly store your bathroom items.

Do you know any other storage tips for small bathrooms? Share your ideas by posting your photos and comments below. We’re looking to hear more creative ideas from our fans!

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