Add a Contemporary Chandelier to Your Home

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Traditionally, chandeliers are large, expensive fixtures that are as heavy and difficult to install as they are beautiful. Most of us don’t have ballrooms in our homes. The simple fact is that these Old World style chandeliers are simply too big to fit gracefully into a modern house. For today’s homeowner, a mini or contemporary chandelier is a perfect fit both in size and in budget, as well.

Contemporary Chandeliers

Instead of wrought iron and heavy crystal, a contemporary chandelier is generally made of much daintier materials. One will find light metals like aluminum or hollow, heavier metals replace the cumbersome weight of solid iron or brass. This makes them much easier to hang and cuts down on the price, too.

The designs available go well with modern furniture and atmosphere. At the same time, contemporary chandeliers are quite striking and elegant. Instead of the busy, heavily ornate look of many older pieces, newer models lean toward simple construction and bold lines to make their statement. Instead of focusing on embellishment, contemporary chandeliers rely more on the design of their practical parts for beauty.

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Mini Chandeliers

Mini chandeliers can look contemporary or classic, modern or medieval. Either way, their most striking attribute is their size. Often taking up less than half the space of a larger model, a mini chandelier is a good choice for hallways or other small spaces.

Due to their small stature, the homeowner without the aid of a professional can often hang a mini chandelier. They are often as easy to install as a ceiling fan. Since they are mini, the materials they are fashioned from can have some weight, but the entire piece will not need the significant amount of extra support that its larger counterparts would require.

Chandelier Installation

No matter the size or style, a chandelier is first and foremost a light. To hang one where no previous light existed could easily necessitate some additional electrical wiring. In this case, it is probably best to hire an electrician to do the job.

Replacing an already existing overhead light with a mini chandelier is a task that many people find isn’t as difficult as they had previously imagined. Directions for installation often come with the piece you purchase. If not, you may be able to find the needed information online or get it from the manufacturer or dealer. If you still can’t find the directions or decide you don’t want to tackle the installation on your own, a local handyman should be able to do the job.

Working with electricity makes a lot of homeowners queasy, and for good reason. When dealt with improperly, electricity can cause severe shocks and pose a fire hazard. Knowing the right way to install your chandelier is a must. In the case of large chandeliers with many lights, or installation in an area where new wiring will need to be added, those without experience dealing with electricity should seek professional guidance. Electrical wiring is no place for doubt. If any exists, hiring an electrician or contractor is the safe and wise course of action.

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