Beyond Casserole: 12 Ways to Bake Sweet Potato Treats

Sweet potato casseroles find their way onto holiday menus every year, but there are plenty of other recipes calling for the root vegetable that deserve attention. According to World’s Healthiest Foods, one medium baked sweet potato provides more than your daily need of vitamin A and over half of your vitamin C needs.

With fiber and potassium, as well as other nutrients, sweet potatoes are an easy way to add a pinch of nutrition to your baked goods while offering an alternative to pumpkin- or apple-flavored sweets. This year, ditch the side dish variations of sweet potatoes and opt for any of the 12 treats listed below.

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1. Skipping out on casserole doesn’t mean you need to nix the combination of sweet potatoes and marshmallow; just make Sweet Potato Cupcakes With Toasted Marshmallow Frosting instead. Annie’s Eats assures any potential baker that, “Given the choice between the classic casserole or sweet potato pie and this cupcake, I think the cupcake wins every time.”

2. However, those cupcakes may not be your best bet if you don’t have a kitchen torch handy to toast the frosting. You don’t have to settle for plain marshmallow for your topping, though, because Overtime Cook has a recipe for Sweet Potato Cupcakes With Maple Marshmallow Frosting.

3. Of course, no sweet potato-themed recipe roundup is complete without a sweet potato pie — and this highly rated version from All Recipes will disappear from the dessert table before your eyes. If you want to go all out and bake a homemade pie crust, too, consider this recipe from Paula Deen, via the Food Network, which yields two 9-inch crusts.

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4. Why wait until dinner or dessert to enjoy sweet potatoes this holiday season? Camille Styles highlighted these Sweet Potato Scones from Rebecca Rather’s The Pastry Queen Christmas, and we can’t think of a more seasonally appropriate way to start the day. Drizzled with a glaze that has just a hint of vanilla, your holiday breakfast won’t be complete without them.

5. Staying with breakfast, this year, you absolutely must give your cinnamon rolls a sweet potato makeover. Why? “First of all it gave the rolls this gorgeous yellow orange color and secondly it made the texture of the dough so soft and flaky and melt in your mouth,” Jo Cooks writes of these Sweet Potato Cinnamon Rolls. “Truly amazing taste.”

6. Described as “a dense moist sweet potato cake that tastes like a cinnamon roll,” the Sweet Potato Cinnamon Roll Cake from Bunny’s Warm Oven is the perfect baked good for anyone who isn’t ready for a dose of sugar in the morning. Brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla glaze, and pecans top the simple cake for a dessert you won’t be able to resist.

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7. Cinnamon roll cakes aren’t the only option, of course. Simply Delicious has a Sweet Potato Cake but admits that the simple moniker doesn’t fully describe what you’re in store for with this recipe: “The title of this cake should really be spiced sweet potato cake with chantilly cream filling, maple buttercream and maple-candied nuts, but I thought that was a bit much plus it didn’t fit into the title tab. However, that really is what this cake is. A mouth full. And once you have a mouth full of this cake, you won’t want to stop eating.”

8. For a delightful, healthier treat, prepare Sweet Potato Blondies or muffins. Healthy Seasonal Recipes explains the dual nature of the recipe is because the blondies did not come out as dense as the typical blonde brownie: “These are more cakey. Which also got me thinking, they would make a good muffin, so I gave it a whirl. They came out great.”

9. Pumpkin cookies are nice and all, but they aren’t the only autumnal offering available. “These Sweet Potato Cookies With Browned Butter Glaze taste like Fall,” Buns in My Oven writes. Soft cookies filled with sweet cinnamon flavors are waiting for you in this recipe, and if that isn’t enough, the glaze will be to die for. “You’ll want to just eat it with a spoon, so I recommend doubling the batch so you’ll have enough for the cookies and enough for you, a spoon, a dark room, and a bucketful of shame.”

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10. Add the flavors of sweet potato pie to your dessert table without actually making a pie by serving Sweet Potato Bars. A gingersnap crust forms the base for the bars, which are topped with whipped cream, garnished with pecans, and full of fall’s flavors. Plus, as Spicy Southern Kitchen points out when introducing this recipe, “prepping fresh sweet potato is much easier than fresh pumpkin.” Simple and delicious: the perfect combination.

11. Sweet potatoes and pecans are thrown together in everything from desserts to casseroles. With so many recipes containing these two ingredients, it can be difficult to find an innovative combination. Thankfully, A Dash of Soul dreamed up an answer with this Sweet Potato Pie with Pecan Crust.

12. Last but certainly not least is a twist on sweet potato pie you do not want to miss out on: Sweet Potato Pie Tiramisu. “I found the most perfect mascarpone cheese which made me immediately think of tiramisu,” Grandbaby Cakes writes. “With a menu item of sweet potato pie always on the dessert table, I knew blending the two would be perfection… and it certainly was!”

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