Big Bang Workout: Get in Shape the Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting Way

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

In the entertainment world, you know her as Penny on The Big Bang Theory. But in the fitness world, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting is known for her to-die-for abs and toned physique. Surprisingly, she also readily admits to enjoying and indulging in pizza and beer every now and then. It’s all a balancing act. Work out hard, eat relatively healthy, and occasionally enjoy greasy food. “I can eat a whole pepperoni pizza and a few beers on my own. That’s why I work my ass off at the gym,” Cuoco-Sweeting tells Self. Ready to learn the ins and outs of Cuoco-Sweeting’s daily fitness and diet routine? Here’s how this superstar stays in perfect shape.

Her Workout

Something Cuoco-Sweeting swears by? Spinning. “Spinning changed my body. My legs are severely toned, and you get an ab workout,” she tells Self. Ready to hop on the spin class bandwagon? Here are a few tips from Cuoco-Sweeting.

  • Sit in the front row in front of the mirror. It holds you accountable and forces you to push yourself.
  • “Do it with friends so you’re not by yourself being miserable; you get through it together. I’ve gotten everyone on the show on the Spin wagon,” she says to Self.
  • Shock your body. Try different teachers. You can figure out what teaching style you like best and ensure you aren’t doing the same exact routine every time.
  • Add weights. Incorporate two-pound weights into your spin routine.Cuoco-Sweeting recommends doing crisscross punches 20 to 30 times while on the bike.

The fun thing about Cuoco-Sweeting is she doesn’t follow a cookie-cutter workout routine. Her other go-to workout? Horseback riding. She tells Shape that four times a week, after she’s done on the set of The Big Bang Theory, she heads to the stable. “It’s the perfect combination of a mental and physical workout. After an hour, I’m exhausted. I work muscles I don’t use otherwise: My legs, butt, core everything is sore,” she says.

Cuoco-Sweeting believes that if you mix up your routine enough, you won’t get bored. Variety ensures you continue looking forward to your gym time. “I’m a big SoulCycler! I do it all the time. Basically, my full wardrobe when I’m not working is all SoulCycle apparel so you see I’m basically there all the time. I love spinning. It’s my thing. I’d say I work out four to five times a week — I do SoulCycle, yoga, and horseback riding — I love to be active and just get out there and be outside,” she told Us.

While Cuoco-Sweeting loves working out and being outdoors, she also knows the importance of letting your body rest.”Once in a while, you have to listen to your body and give yourself a night off, with no phone. I love vegging out with bad TLC shows, like Sister Wives and Breaking Amish,” she says to Self.