Calling All Ice Cream Cones: 10 Creative Dessert Recipes

It may be too cold out to enjoy ice cream, but there’s no need to retire your ice cream cones for the season, too. There are plenty of fun and imaginative ways to turn a plain cone into a delicious dessert. If you’re feeling particularly inspired, you can transform an ice cream cone into a tea cup-shaped treat or a Thanksgiving cornucopia. If you’re looking for a project that is a little less time consuming, your cone can be used as a holder for cake pops, cupcakes, s’mores, and cannoli. Ready to get your creative juices flowing? Here are 10 recipes that put your cones to good use.

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1. Rainbow Meringue Truffle Cones are just as enticing to the eyes as they are for your tastebuds. Sprinkle Bakes “decided to make the meringues into cones because the colorful swirls reminded me so much of these little treats I ate as a kid. They were always stale, but I loved them anyway. I filled the cones with chocolate ganache, which makes the finished dessert taste like exactly four bites of rich chocolate tart. The sugar cone makes a great ‘crust.’” Colorful and delicious? It sounds like the perfect dessert!

2. Food Network presents a simple and adorable way to use up your extra cones. Using your favorite cake mix and a few basic ingredients, you can prepare Cake Ice Cream Cones, which are essentially frosted cupcakes piled on top of a crisp and crunchy cone.

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3. This festive fall-inspired dessert is just what you need to serve your Thanksgiving guests. Using waffle or sugar cones, candies, rubber bands, plastic wrap, and ribbon you can easily make these Thanksgiving Cornucopia Treats. The Craft Patch explains that these stunning sweets “would be perfect class party treats or neighbor treats or a fun pre-Turkey snack on Thanksgiving day. I might make one to go on each plate around the table, so people have something to snack on while they’re waiting for dinner. You could even use them as place markers at the table and add a little tag onto the ribbon that says each person’s name. So fun!”

4. Thanks to, you can pretend you’re camping year-round by preparing Campfire S’mores in a Cone. Chocolate chips, ice cream cones, mini marshmallows, and aluminum foil will help you whip up an unbelievably gooey dessert dish.

5. Cookies & Cups presents a foolproof beginner’s recipe for Ice Cream Cone Cannoli, which is guaranteed to taste great. It’s also perfect for the procrastinators out there. The author of Cookies & Cups writes, “Since I am all about taking the easy route I decided to fill ice cream cones with the cannoli cream instead of going to all the trouble of making shells…because that would require me to fry stuff and that doesn’t fit in with my procrastination schedule.”

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6. If it’s too cold to enjoy an actual ice cream cone, then we suggest creating a dessert that looks just like one. You can make these Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops using a cake mix and frosting of your choosing, mini ice cream cones, candy melts, red button-shaped chocolate pieces, and plenty of sprinkles. In addition to tasting terrific, there is another benefit that comes along with making Love Bakes Good Cakes‘ dessert. According to the site, “They don’t melt and drip all over your hands!! Plus, people love to talk about them! They are kinda cute, don’t you think?!”

7. If you are looking for the perfect recipe to serve at your daughter’s next birthday party, we have just what you’re looking for. Once Upon a Pedestal provides detailed instructions on how to make Teacups from Ice Cream Cones. What’s not to love about a sweet treat that tastes amazing and looks adorable?

8. Sugar Swings creates a cake pop dessert that is both simple and fun. To make your Rainbow Ice Cream Cone Cake Bites, you’ll create multi-colored mini cakes, and then proceed to dip them in melted vanilla candies and sprinkles.

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9. The Hungry Housewife delivers a dessert that is worthy of any Christmas party. You’ll use cones, frosting, food coloring, candies, and shredded coconut to create the ultimate holiday dish: Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees.

10. These Rice Krispie Treat Ice Cream Cones look lovely and taste wonderful. If that’s not enough, Bitz & Giggles explains there is another major plus to this treat: “What I like most about these Rice Krispie Treat Ice Cream Cones is that you can prepare them the night before and they’re not going to melt. The day you serve them, they can sit out on a platter for 30 minutes and they’re not going to melt. If you give one to a 2-year-old … yep, you know what I’m going to say … it’s not going to melt.”

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