Closet Storage: Better Ways to Put Away

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The situation is familiar: A child or teenager in desperate need of a clean room gets the bright idea of piling everything that’s out of place into a closet. Sooner or later the closet opens and it all comes pouring out. While most of us have learned from television that this hardly the right way to deal with clutter, optimizing closet storage is still a daunting task (especially if you have children).

Closet Shelving

When planning to reorganize, it’s good to start with a clean slate. Enter the affected closet, take everything out and have a look around. Closet shelving is a place where many homes fall short. If you only see one shelf, you can probably use some more. Closets are, thankfully, a pretty private place. This means that your closet shelving only needs to match if it matters to you. The number of shelves available in various styles, forms, and designs is quite astounding; any one of these can make a significant change in how your closet is organized for a fairly affordable cost. Take some measurements and go shopping. There is a closet shelving system out there that’s waiting for you. If you are handy, or even if you’re not, making your own shelves is one of the simplest projects around.

Closet Cabinets

Most homeowners prefer shelves for their closet because of the easy access and line of sight, but certain items don’t do as well with this set up. Socks and underwear, for example, require tighter quarters, while other items may also benefit from a more secure storage space. Too many bedrooms suffer from limited footpaths and a cluttered feel. The addition of a closet cabinet is a great way to utilize a larger closet, eliminating the need for a bulky dresser and opening up the floor space of your bedroom. Most storage needs are better served by a tall, skinny closet cabinet that leaves room for other closet storage systems.

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Closet Storage Systems

It makes a huge difference where you put things in the closet, so you should spend some time to develop a closet storage system. One difficulty that many people find when organizing is that, unlike cabinets and pantries, a closet often has few “like” items. No matter the amount of closet storage space, it’s hard to pair a tent or basketball with anything else. Instead of just putting these items in wherever they will fit, try arranging them by how frequently they get used: There are things in all closets that get used more than others and need to be readily accessible. Other items that don’t get used as often can be tucked away in less reachable areas. Seasonal items can be kept in labeled bins or boxes and swapped for accessibility when the time is right. This way, if you are looking for something, your closet storage system is rarely disturbed.

Custom Closet Storage

Believe it or not, closet storage is a big business. There are a large number of companies who will literally send someone to your house, look at your space, and tell you the best way to organize your stuff. They will give you an idea of what can be done, and will tell you the company that can do it. If you have the means, this is certainly an option.

The best time to plan out your closet’s layout, however, is when you are building or buying your home. There are many decisions you can make at the start of your residency that will have a permanent effect on how good your home is at storing things. If you’re building, that’s all the better. Make sure to look at the design of the closets as well as the living room and kitchen. Shelving and drawers that are set into the wall are space efficient and elegant. Adding more shelving and closets will cost more to install after your home is finished and being lived in.

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