18 Delicious Ways You Can Cook With Ramen Noodles

Instant ramen noodles have been a staple among college students for years, but these delightful bites aren’t just for coeds any more. Using just a dash of creativity, cost-friendly ramen noodles can be incorporated into all kinds of exciting and flavor-packed dishes. From salads, stews, and pizza all the way to pastries, these noodles can be prepared any number of ways — and all of them are as satisfying as they are delicious!

Give your ramen repertoire a boost using any of these 18 recipes for a simple, ramen-based meal or snack.

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1. Try a sophisticated twist on ramen noodle soup by adding fresh ingredients to the broth. Shrimp, spinach, and onions give this Thai shrimp noodle soup a textural makeover, while chili sauce, garlic, and ginger pack the dish with mouthwatering flavor.

2. Tired of plain old BLTs? Switch things up with this delicious BLT frittata from Soup Addict. Bacon, onion, lettuce, and tomatoes are a tried-and-true combination, while adding instant ramen to the mix will give your dish an extra crunch.

3. Ramen for dessert? What a world! 10th Kitchen makes it all possible with an innovative recipe for ramen brownies with whiskey caramel — a sweet, indulgent dish capitalizing on ramen’s characteristic crunch.

4. Cherry On My Sundae’s variation on the classic Korean stew, budae jjigae, incorporates a variety of eclectic ingredients. Who knew that ramen, anchovies, kimchi, and Spam could result in something so delicious?

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5. Once you try a ramen grilled cheese, you may never revisit the original. Don’t believe us? See for yourself with this Ramen grilled cheese with bacon from She Knows.

6. Sugar and vinegar combine forces in Dwell On Joy’s Asian ramen salad to create a powerful — and tantalizing — flavor combination. The salad is a great option to bring along to your next potluck or picnic.

7. Stir fry has never been easier than with this ramen noodle stir-fry from Soup Addict. Brown sugar and sweet hoisin sauce lend the dish its distinct flavor, while mushrooms, broccoli, and pepper offer up an irresistible texture.

8. Consumer Queen’s simple berry salad tastes anything but simple after the incorporation of fried-up ramen noodles, which offer the dish a unique and delightful crunch.

9. Do you swear by your crockpot? If so, the Wanderlust Kitchen shares this exciting recipe for beef curry with noodles — simply drop your chuck roast in the slow cooker with some curry spices and enjoy for dinner that night. Simple and sensational!


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10. Lobster rolls have gotten a makeover, courtesy of Thrillist: The ramen lobster roll replaces your traditional roll with ramen noodles for a fun, crunchy take on the New England favorite.

11. Sick of your usual on-the-go snacks? Try this one from the Candid RD, in which ramen noodles come together with nuts, spices, cereals, and other delicious munchies.

12. Serious Eats gets seriously creative with an ambitious pepperoni ramen pizza recipe. The dish’s ramen noodle crust gives it a characteristic springiness unlike any other pizza you’ve tried.

13. Paula Deen’s ramen broccoli coleslaw is a refreshing departure from the dish’s traditional preparation. Deen’s recipe combines ramen, sunflower seeds, and almonds, all culminating in a phenomenal crunch.

14. Food’s ramen noodle pancakes are a quick and easy dinner fix. Dipping each bite in a tart lemon-soy sauce mix will add to your appreciation of the unique dish.

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15. Peanut butter and … ramen? Works for us! This peanut ramen noodle dish from Woman’s Day serves up some of your favorite Asian-inspired flavors for a simple spin on pasta that your family will love.

16. The Savory’s creamy sriracha ramen tastes just as wonderful as it sounds, combining just four simple ingredients for a quick and satisfying mealtime hack — the ideal dinner fix for cooks of any skill level!

17. Try a tasty take on Mexican fare: These homemade ramen chimichanges combine instant noodles, cheese, and chicken in tortillas for an easy and irresistible bite to eat. (P.S. Pennywise Cook did the math on this one: You could spend as little as $0.79 per delectable chimichanga!)

18. “Buttery” and “cheesy” may be the two most delicious words in the English language (if words can be delicious, that is). Travel Eat Drink Stuff combines those two mouthwatering qualities in a creamy ramen cacio e pepe dish fit for Italy!

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