7 Recipes For Taco Bell Style Fast Food You Can Make at Home

Even the most health-crazed among us have moments of weakness when it comes to fast food. For many of us, temptation arrives in the form of the mouthwateringly savory and spiced options offered by Taco Bell. Although the fast food joint does have a Fresco menu offering somewhat healthier selections, we tend to crave the greasiest, cheesiest, and fattiest dishes available.

Use these 7 recipes to whip up an array of irresistible Taco Bell classics at home. They may not be doing any favors for your waistline, but we all need a little fast food-inspired indulgence from time to time.

1. Beef and Cheese Crunchwrap Supreme

Taco Bell

Taco Bell | Source: Thinkstock

Countless bloggers have tried to recreate the Crunchwrap Supreme, which Complex deems the greatest Taco Bell menu item of all time. Blogger Holly Lofthouse of Life In The Lofthouse offers an unparalleled homemade take on the dish, describing her recipe as “amazing, and naughty, and worth every calorie.” In it, spiced beef and cheese are layered with salsa and sour cream between 2 tortillas, while a layer of tostada — a flat, crunchy tortilla available in the International section of most grocery stores — lends a delightful crunch to each bite.

Visit Life In The Lofthouse for the recipe.

2. Enchirito

mexican tortilla/burrito, enchilada sauce

Enchirito | Source: iStock

“The best part about this recipe is the restaurant style taco meat,” Blog Chef notes as he prepares to take on Taco Bell’s most enchilada-like offering. Get the full fast food experience at home by following this beginner-friendly recipe, consisting of spiced taco meat, refried beans, and onions rolled up inside a soft flour tortilla. Enchilada sauce, melted cheddar cheese, and a sprinkling of sliced olives on top make a perfect final touch.

Visit Blog Chef for the recipe.

3. Beef Meximelt

Beef Meximelt

Beef Meximelt | Source: iStock

Kristi Kaiser of Inspiration Kitchen knows just how hard it is to resist Taco Bell’s beef meximelts. That’s why she concocted a recipe of her own to satisfy those cravings without leaving the house. Kaiser stays faithful to the gooey and meaty original, noting that her Beef Meximelt “will melt in your mouth — just like Taco Bell’s!” The dish is soft, foldable, and utterly delicious!

Visit Inspiration Kitchen for the recipe.

4. Veggie Cantina Bowl

Mexican Layered Dip, avocado, tomato

Veggie cantina bowl | Source: iStock

Looking for a relatively guilt-free Taco Bell copycat option? She Knows has just the solution, offering a homemade recipe for Taco Bell’s protein-rich cantina power bowls. “Not only are these easy to make, they are perfectly healthy, too,” writes She Knows contributor Claire Gallam. The dish combines brown rice, tomatoes, corn, beans, lettuce, and avocado into one zesty and flavor-fresh meal. Top the bowl off with a chicken breast for an additional nutrient boost.

Visit She Knows for the recipe.

5. Refried Bean Mexican Pizza


Tortilla | Source: iStock

“This is delicious, it’s quick, it’s healthy (only 400 calories per pizza, which is great for how filling it is), and you will love it,” Domestic Superhero blogger Allyson Zea writes of her copycat Taco Bell Mexican pizza. Zea explains that this is a vegetarian adaptation of the classic, but “if you aren’t a vegetarian, it would be easy for you to brown up some ground beef or ground turkey and throw it in there.” No matter which way you eat it, this satisfying Mexican pizza is sure to be a family favorite. Each batch yields 2 individually-sized pizzas.

Visit Domestic Superhero for the recipe. 

6. Doritos Locos Tacos

Ground Beef

Ground beef | Source: iStock

Doritos Locos Tacos have been called “one of the most successful fast food innovations of all time,” with Business Insider reporting that over one billion units of the irresistible eats had been sold after just one year on the market. Blogger Jasmin Fine of 1 Fine Cookie capitalizes on the dish’s continued success with a homemade adaptation, noting that her Dorito-crazy taste-tester “was completely in awe of how REMARKABLY similar the tacos tasted” to the original.

Visit 1 Fine Cookie for the recipe.

7. Vegan Fries Supreme


Cooking | Source: iStock

Taco Bell isn’t typically the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to vegan-friendly dining, but this spectacular recipe makes great strides in including all dieters in the junk food fun. “I can’t remember the last time I ate at Taco Bell,” writes Kitchen Grrrls, “but as soon as I dived into this homemade version it all came rushing back to me.” These fries offer an explosion of crispy, cheesy flavor, enhanced with a chorizo-style tofu option and a variety of veggies and beans. Smother it all with a veganized cheese sauce to result in bite after bite of Taco Bell-inspired bliss.

Visit Kitchen Grrrls for the recipe.

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