14 Delicious Thanksgiving-Themed Desserts

If you’re hoping to create a Thanksgiving dessert that will impress your guests, a festive, holiday-themed treat is just what you need. Using cookies, candy corn, cake mixes, and cutouts, you can easily create superb and stylish sweets that resemble turkeys, pilgrim hats, corn husks, and pumpkins. We’ve compiled 14 recipes that are cute enough to be used as your table’s centerpiece and delicious enough to serve for dessert.

Turkey cake pops

Turkey cake pops | iStock.com

1. Miss CandiQuik’s turkey cake pops are as adorable as they are delicious. Using crackers, candy corn, cake mix, cream cheese frosting, and lollipop sticks, you can make a toothsome treat that looks just like Thanksgiving’s favorite fowl.

2. We guarantee these pumpkin pie pops will be a hit at your holiday feast. Serious Eats created this recipe for the crust lovers out there by “providing a high crust-to-filling ratio. This also allows you to go a little sweeter with the filling: I substituted sweetened condensed milk for the more-frequently used evaporated milk in my batch, which provided a deliciously rich, caramelly-tasting filling as a result.”

3. It only takes five ingredients — frosting, food coloring, peanut butter cups, cookies, and Chiclets — to replicate Taste of Home’s pilgrim hat cookies. You’ll have a blast making this adorable treat with your little ones!


Cheesecake | iStock.com

4. This white chocolate pumpkin cheesecake captures the finest flavors fall has to offer. The Baking Pan’s decadent dessert is filled with mild pumpkin and warm spices, “and the melted white chocolate adds a smooth sweetness and creaminess that is divine.”

5. Before serving your guests Momtastic’s turkey mini cakes, use them as a sensational table centerpiece. Melted chocolate is the key ingredient when it comes to this recipe — it will help you form both the head and the tail.

6. Put a fun spin on a classic cookie by using skittles to transform it into a corn husk. Sweet Designs credits candy as being the inspiration behind this Thanksgiving dessert. “I’ve always been inspired by the unique shapes, colors, textures and sizes of candy — there are SO many types to get ideas from. Creating candy projects at home is something anyone can enjoy — the best part is, you don’t have to be a professional — I always tell people that even the simplest creations can liven up your home or party!”

7. Karen’s Cookie Blog creates pilgrim cookies using a large acorn-shaped cookie cutter. Frosting will then help you make a realistic (and cute) face, hair, and hat for your little pilgrims.

Turkey cookies

Turkey cookies | iStock.com

8. Oreo cookies, Nutter Butters, peanut butter cups, malted milk balls, candy corn, and frosting will help you bring these turkey cookies to life. HI Cookery’s recipe, which was adapted from Coopet Photography, creates a treat that is “photogenic, festive and a favorite for fall functions.”

9. Delight your guests by serving Tablespoon’s Thanksgiving turkey cake, which will “wow them even further, when you cut the first slice and candy corn comes falling out. This pinata style cake will feed a big crowd. Its made from three Betty Crocker Yellow Cake mixes and is not only stuffed with candy, but also filled with a sweet version of Thanksgiving day stuffing.” Now that’s a dessert that won’t disappoint!

10. Somewhat Simple presents a sweet treat that your children will love assisting you with. Cookie dough, frosting, candies, and your little ones’ hands are all you need to make these handprint turkey cookies.

11. You’ll need to channel your inner artist to create Wilton’s the first Thanksgiving cake, which uses icing, frosting, cookie dough, and fondant to make pilgrims, Native Americans, turkey, corn, and sweet potatoes.

Pumpkin bundt cake

Pumpkin bundt cake | iStock.com

12. If you’re looking for a sophisticated sweet to serve your family and friends, a pumpkin bundt cake with cream cheese frosting may be just what you need. My Baking Addiction first prepared a sweet and spicy bundt cake, and “since I can never leave well enough alone, I spooned a rich and creamy spiced cream cheese frosting all over it. You (and your own pumpkin cravings) can thank me later. Because yeah. It’s that good.” It’s certainly going to make its way on our Thanksgiving menus!

13. Easy Cupcakes’ pilgrim hat cupcakes are a lifesaver if you’re looking for a low-maintenance dessert. You can use store-bought cupcakes or prepare your own, and then decorate them using Reese’s, Oreos, and sprinkles.

14. A Mom’s Impression’s recipe creates an understated dessert that will add an elegant element to your Thanksgiving table. Vanilla wafers, Hershey’s Kisses, and mini-chocolate chips will help you make acorn snickerdoodle cupcakes.