Divine DIYs: 15 Decorative and Practical Mason Jar Ideas

The humble mason jar can easily be transformed countless ways. With the tutorial of your choosing, decorative and practical storage solutions, as well as centerpieces, are at your fingertips. Friends and family will be envious of the crafty, stylish creations the following 15 ideas produce from mason jars.

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1. Stop buying candles from the store and start making your own. A Pumpkin & A Princess shows how easy the process is by making DIY Lavender Mason Jar Candles, adding that the basic process can be applied to other scents, too.

2. Whether you plan on using your jars to store beauty products, keep your office supplies organized, or as part of a centerpiece, you’ll want to jazz them up by following one of the five ways Lilyshop highlighted for creating colored jars.

3. Your soap dispenser is about to get a serious upgrade. Rather than settle for the plastic container your hand soap comes in, impress guests with Apartment Therapy’s mason jar dispenser.

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4. Another candle-mason jar combination can be found on Emmaline Bride. The jars are partially filled with water, and then votive floating candles are placed inside for a simple, lovely way to add light and decoration to your table.

5. But floating flames may not be the best option for tables filled with kids. In that case, turn to the Mason Jar Lanterns featured on Simply Kierste — they use battery-powered votives and skip the water.

6. You’ll always know where your makeup brushes are after following one of the Pallet Mason Jars Hanging Wall tutorials on Pallet Furniture Plans. From holding flowers to storing beauty necessities, you won’t run out of objects to store in your jars.

7. If you do hang your mason jars, don’t get rid of the lids! You may not be using them on the jars anymore, but you can still use the tops thanks to Oh, How Crafty and this guide for Lid Magnets.

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8. Lights aren’t the only options for mason jar centerpieces. This Wrapped Floral Arrangement from Martha Stewart is perfect for old jars because this DIY wraps the jars in fabric, hiding any wear and tear your older jars have been subjected to.

9. Crafty and creative, All Things Heart and Home shows that putting lights in mason jars isn’t only for table settings. Using white Christmas lights, one way of grouping the jars is displayed, but the design possibilities are endless.

10. Don’t spend money on a toothbrush holder, because you only need a mason jar and a bit of wire to make your own. With these simple supplies in hand, head over to The Country Chic Cottage and you’ll have a homemade holder in no time.

11.  Inspired by the style on display at Pottery Barn, The Crafted Sparrow dreamed up this Numbered Jar decoration, which uses acrylic paint and stencils for a minimalistic but marvelous design.

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12. Forks and knives never looked so chic. Raising up Rubies took the striped mason jar tutorial from The Crafted Sparrow but put a gold-and-white twist on the jars. Once painted, the jars found a home in a wire caddy and were filled with forks, knives, and spoons. Give the project your own spin, and keep everything from cutlery to craft supplies organized.

13. Cooking and baking is a breeze in a well-ordered kitchen, and with Style Lush’s Chalk Label Spice Jars you’ll always know exactly where your seasonings are. You’ll never have to dig through crowded cupboards searching for spices again!

14. Extend the simplicity offered by chalkboard paint and mason jars by using the dynamic duo to label jars holding flour, sugar, grains, and more. Pumps & Iron has all you need to know about bringing this storage solution to your kitchen.

15. Last but not least, Milestones Photography draws attention to a wedding trend that anyone can draw inspiration from: Placing photos inside mason jars. This spin on the classic photo frame will be a conversation starter among guests when used as a centerpiece at any gathering.

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