Easter Made Easy: Your Guide to Hosting a Stressless Party

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Hosting an Easter party or dinner shouldn’t have you hopping around with anxiety; parties and gatherings should be celebrations, not stressful situations. It is never too early to start planning, and being organized can prevent that night before freak out where you wonder why on earth you signed on to this scheme. Thankfully, with five simple steps, you can be kept from turning as mad as a March hare.

Step One: Guest List and Budget

A guest list is a fantastic place to start, because who is coming is going to inform just about every other decision you make. For instance, if your list isn’t filled with families and children, you probably don’t need an Easter egg hunt, but cocktails might be desired. Similarly, the menu will change based on whether or not you need kid-friendly foods.

From the list, you can form as close to accurate a head count as possible. If it isn’t a purely family affair or an event you traditionally host, send out some kind of invitation. At the very least, call or contact the people you expect will be at your house to find out who can and cannot make it. Don’t be afraid to press people for a response and give a deadline for an RSVP so you don’t have a constantly fluctuating head count.

From your guest list, you can also ask certain people to bring something — within reason. Just because you are hosting doesn’t mean you have to provide everything. Items like soda, plastic cups, or desserts can easily be divided up among your guests. This is one less expense for you, and won’t clutter your kitchen or home beforehand with extra items.

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