Farmhouse Design Makes a Comeback

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The classic American farmhouse can be chic, while embracing a simpler style in décor. With a mix of rural living and a relaxed and modest design aesthetic, farmhouse designs are making a strong comeback. While I may like the design and feel of a farmhouse, I still prefer the convenience of living in the city. Because of this, I’ve found a way to incorporate the vintage appeal to my city home. Adding these design elements to any home can transform it into a southern haven.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is a great addition to your farmhouse-styled remodel. What makes this piece unique is that you get to choose just how rustic your space can be. I prefer worn out wood, but you can go either way with this and use polished wood. A farmhouse design tends to look best with eclectic pieces.

To incorporate this décor aspect, try a reclaimed wood coffee table in the living room or a worn out sliding door that separates the dining room from the kitchen. You can also make your bedroom a bit more eclectic with a reclaimed wood dresser. To add a splash of modern, go with chairs and benches that have refined lines and offer an Early American style, like a crossroads bench. Geometric furnishings tend to make any space look more modern.

Add a Splash of Color

Instead of going for a neatly painted end table, why not opt for something more natural? A distressed paint job on a chest of drawers gives your farmhouse design that splash of color it needs. Chipped paint inevitably gives your piece that eclectic look, and depending on where you snag it from, it might not cost too much. Thrift shops or vintage stores are gold mines for these types of furnishings. Really antique pieces usually adopt a more classic American farmhouse style.

To incorporate more color into your design, go antiquing for farmhouse trinkets. Find a really good vintage store in your neighborhood and see what you can score. The best part of antiquing is stumbling across a one-of-a-kind treasure. A rustic chest or cabinet would be perfect additions to your farmhouse kitchen design.

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Southern Elements

When thinking about a farmhouse living room, I envision a comfortable space. Slipcovered sofas and durable leather chairs are known staples for a laid-back design, and would work well with other farmhouse accessories. Add a chunky knit or plaid blanket to your sofa that can double as a décor piece but also come in handy on those chilly nights.

Cozy farmhouse elements like burlap throw pillows, ticking stripe shower curtains, and any grain sack fabric will encompass the true essence of farmhouse living.


Adding beadboard to your farmhouse remodel is almost expected. This architectural feature can be added to your walls for added texture or used as a backsplash in your kitchen for a more interesting design. Beadboards are so versatile, and can be painted. Try white or light blue for color contrast in a rather bland space.

While in the kitchen, why not add some open shelving? Farm homes have been known to feature open shelves, although some may be a bit apprehensive about them. When I think of the added task of dusting and wiping grease off my exquisite china, I get a tad hesitant myself. But there might be a way to include open shelves in your kitchen without going totally nuts. By removing the door of a middle cabinet, you create a small niche that can store glass canister and trinkets that replicate farmhouse living. The open shelves will be true to the design but won’t alter your way of life too much.

“Farmhouse style is a little more breezy and refined,” says interior designer Christina Salway of ElevenTwoEleven Design.

Butcher Block Countertops

Butcher block countertops create a warm and comfortable feel while offering a glow and texture within your kitchen that isn’t easily accomplished by other finishes. This design was once frowned upon, but with the increase popularity of eclectic living, butcher blocks are making a comeback. Not only will the countertop blend in seamlessly with your décor, it’s also very durable and can withstand wear for years to come. The wear and tear sometimes adds to the eclectic and vintage feel.

“For me, the quintessential farmhouse includes a collection of architectural details,” says Salway.

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Farmhouse Sink

But what would a classic farmhouse design be without the farmhouse sink? A staple in many recreations of farmhouse décor, the most common style in rotation is the ceramic with a single bowl. However, a more practical two-sink design is also available for purchase. You can pair this with arched, chrome faucets, or painted cabinets to add a bit of modern to your vintage design.

Farmhouse Tables

One of the most important rooms in my home is the dining room. It’s usually the hub that brings everyone together, as nothing bonds us closer than good food and great conversations. A huge farmhouse table would be a great addition to this space. Farmhouse tables can be painted or left stained with a soft warm-toned surface. Because I prefer the more eclectic décor additions, the more “rugged” a table looks, the better it is for my taste.

Tip: Try adding some “wear and tear” to your wood table to achieve a farmhouse look. Some well-placed dents and added “character” can go a long way with a farmhouse design.


When creating a farmhouse-inspired design, it’s truly about capturing the authenticity while finding a way to incorporate your personal taste. Whether your décor accessories are actual antiques or simply inspired by farm living, the above farmhouse staples can be functional, yet decorative, within your home.

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