Get Taken Away With a Home Spa

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In today’s fast-paced world, sometimes it seems like the most relaxing minutes of the day are those spent in the shower or bath. Upgrading your existing system, shower, and tub to a home spa is one of the ways many homeowners are taking advantage of that time and using it to the fullest.

The Standard Home Spa

As the home spa comes in many different forms, it would be difficult to state that one in particular is the standard. It can be as simple as multiple showerheads or as extravagant as a bathroom hot tub. The price range for a home spa is just as varied; and there is most likely a model that is right for any budget.

Home Spa Bathtubs

One of the most common and desirable home improvements on the market is the installation of a spa bathtub. A spa bathtub is a wonderful place to relax and get rid of the tension of the workday. Soothing jets of water can be adjusted to massage strength or a low, gentle current. The air jets can bring large bubbles or a soda-like fizz, depending on the mood.

A bathtub spa is a lot like an outdoor hot tub with a few important distinctions. The most practical difference is that the tub is meant for a bathroom, giving you the privacy to really make your time in it about unwinding. The other most important difference is that spa tubs are meant to be drained after every use. A hot tub requires much the same attention and chemical maintenance as a pool. With a home spa in your bathroom, fresh new water is put in before each use.

Source: iStock

Source: iStock

Spa Bathtub Installation

Putting in a spa bathtub is not necessarily a simple process. Often, there is a fair amount of plumbing and construction work needed for the installation to be successful. There might even be structural or ventilation concerns to consider.

It is important for even the experienced DIY to get some professional guidance for a job like this. Spa tubs, unlike a regular bathtub, are pieces of machinery. They are a significant investment and should be put in properly to protect that investment.

Shower Spa Specs

Probably the easiest and least expensive form of home spa is the shower spa, though the term can mean several different things. In its most basic form, a shower spa is simply a series of showerheads that replace the single head of a traditional shower. This option is very inexpensive; the most notable features are the additional heads and water jet angles. This type of design will require no plumbing changes. It’s a snap to install, and certainly a step in the right direction.

The higher end of shower spas will require some pretty intense installation, and a much larger investment as well. You’ll be in the middle of multiple jets of relaxing, hot water whether you’re standing up or lounging on the built-in chair. These designs come with a wide array of features ranging from steam and massage jets to iPod ports and telephone jacks. The most functional feature of a shower spa, however, is that there’s no tub to fill—something those on busy schedules can certainly appreciate.

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