7 Holiday Gifts Perfect for the Grill Master


The holiday season sneaks up pretty fast every year. The next thing you know, you only have a matter of weeks to grab presents for everyone and you’re drawing a blank. Instead of panicking, take a deep breath and think about what hobbies your friends and family members most enjoy. We have a sneaking suspicion you’ll find a handful of grilling fanatics on your list. Instead of buying something cutesy or funny, get them something they’ll really use and probably wouldn’t buy for themselves. These seven grill gifts should do the trick.

1. Weber Smokey Joe Premium 14-Inch Portable Grill, $39.99


Weber charcoal grill | Amazon

Those used to sizzling some burgers in the backyard probably have an impressive grill setup at home. Maybe it’s a deluxe propane version. Maybe it’s a substantial charcoal setup. Maybe they have both plus a smoker. The only thing missing from this rotation is something they can pick up to bring to a tailgate, campsite, or vacation rental. Weber’s portable charcoal grill is small enough to take on any journey, but still large enough to churn out plenty of steaks, burgers, or dogs. And no worries about any pieces breaking because this grill comes with a 10-year warranty.

2. Grilluminator Grill Light, $44.44

grill light

Grilluminator light | Amazon

This thoughtful grilling gift really comes in handy when a backyard bash stretches late into the night because it provides enough illumination for the cook to see what he or she is doing without ruining the vibe the way turning on the house lights will. It’s also the perfect present for those who like to grill when they camp, especially if they don’t have the world’s best bonfire skills. No more burnt steaks or undercooked chicken. Buy the Grilluminator Grill Light here.

3. Lodge Cast-Iron Reversible Grill and Griddle, $43.99

grill, griddle

Lodge grill pan | Amazon

It’s natural to feel bummed when chilly weather rolls around because it usually means having to wait until at least April to grill again, right? Not with an indoor grill pan. Preheat this pan the way you would an outdoor grill and you’ll get the same char and a flavor that’s pretty comparable. The recipient will be most excited about being able to use the ridged side, but the griddle is perfect for cooking bacon, pancakes, and burgers. On second thought, you might want to get two of these so you can keep one for yourself.

4. Ivation Extended Range Wireless Cooking Thermometer, $69.99


Iviation Extended Range Wireless Cooking Thermometer | Amazon

Smoking a pork shoulder or grilling a tri-tip takes substantially longer than individually portioned foods, which means there’s a lot of monitoring and waiting. This makes for a pretty boring afternoon. For these larger cuts of meat, a wireless cooking thermometer is a complete godsend. Unlike most other thermometers designed to constantly monitor the temperature of whatever’s cooking, this one allows you to wander up to 325 feet away. Whoever scores this gift is free to grab a beer or watch some TV without fear of destroying the evening’s main course. And no worries about venturing too far because the receiver will send an alert when this happens. Buy the Ivation Extended Range Wireless Cooking Thermometer here.

5. Cave Tools BBQ Grill Tools Set, $24.99

grill tools

Cave Tools grill set | Amazon

There are a lot of barbecue kits that have way more tools for the same price on the market, which makes them tempting alternatives. Don’t fall for it, though, because most of those massive sets are flimsy at best, and they just aren’t practical. Every grill master knows he only needs a handful of great tools to get the job done, so quality really matters. Cave Tool’s set is made with heavy-duty material to last a lifetime. Our favorite feature? The bottle opener on the spatula.

6. Kitchen + Home BBQ Grill Mats, $9.95

grill mats

Kitche + Home grill mats | Amazon

Using the built-in grills at shelters is part of the fun of grilling at the park. The dingy, dirty, and sometimes rusty grates are not. Nobody wants to spend hours trying to scrub the surface clean, so keep your grill-crazy pal from suffering by giving them these handy grill mats. The nonstick surface is perfect for delicate foods — think fish — and helps prevent smaller items from falling through the grates. This is also one of the most affordable gifts you’ll find, so it’s perfect for those shopping with a tight budget. Buy the Kitchen + Home BBQ Grill Mats here.

7. Cosco Indoor or Outdoor Folding Metal Rolling Serving Cart, $58.39

grill cart

Cosco rolling cart | Amazon

Grilling for a crowd usually involves what seems like hundreds of trips between the outdoor cooking space and the kitchen. Entertaining is exhausting enough without walking several miles, so give the gift that lets them take a load off. This rolling cart is exactly the tool for the job. It can hold all the food and utensils necessary for grilling without taking up too much space. After the party is over, it folds up for easy storage. Buy the serving cart here.