How to Design the Perfect Man Cave

How to build a man cave

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As much as we love our wives and significant others, sometimes, men need to get away—and the man cave is the only place to go. It’s most likely the only room in the house where you‘ll have complete design control. Men, this will not happen often.

But with great power comes great responsibility. While we would like to fill the room with 10 TVs for football Sunday, that design will not fly. Your man cave needs to flow. Your man cave needs to be unique. Your man cave needs to be the best man cave it can be.

Here are five essential man cave designs you need to implement in your next man cave.

1. Ample Space

Whether it’s framed jerseys or that extra TV, oftentimes, men like to cram as much furniture and design items into a room as possible. While it may add to the dream man cave in your head, it doesn’t work in real life.

Men need ample space to move around. While it may feel great to sit on that huge recliner in front of the 70” TV, it doesn’t make sense if there’s no way to access it. The same goes for that extra fridge, ping pong table, or pool table. If your man cave doesn’t leave you and your friends ample room to move around comfortably, then it doesn’t belong in your man cave.

Need help placing all your furniture? See what an interior designer costs in your area.

Tips for building a man cave

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2. Colorful Walls

Men, don’t shy away just yet. Believe it or not, bland paint like white or black doesn’t belong all over the house. Man caves are supposed to be the entertainment center of the home. It should be the one room all your guests want to see each time they come over. And, if your guests are all barging into your man cave, you better make sure you have colorful walls.

3. Personal Items

If all the man caves in the world were the same, they wouldn’t be so highly coveted. That is why every man cave needs its own personal touches. Whether it’s a signed baseball by Mickey Mantle, a photograph of you and your pops at your first ball game or that old, chunky TV in the corner, men need to make their man cave unique.

Don’t be afraid of what others might think. Remember, this is your domain. Do with it as you wish and make it unique.

The best man cave

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4. Sports Memorabilia

No man cave is complete without its fair share of sports memorabilia. More often than not, you will be watching football, basketball, baseball, or soccer games in your man cave. You should add to the experience by hanging and framing as many jerseys, helmets, newspapers, and posters as possible.

Believe me when I say that your wife or significant other will certainly appreciate you removing the signed Michael Jordan jersey from the bedroom.

5. Bonus Items

Now to the fun stuff. No man cave is complete without its fair share of pool tables, foosball, and of course, a big screen TV. Since you budgeted for surprise expenses, you should hopefully have some extra change to splurge on the entertainment part of the man cave remodel.

If you have space, add a ping pong table. If your kids love movies, add some extra recliners so they can invite their friends and enjoy a real movie theatre experience. This room was made to entertain, so make sure you have the ability to do so.


Designing the perfect man cave is not difficult. There is no right or wrong answer. As long as you leave ample space, use color on the walls, decorate it with some personal flair and throw in a TV or recliner once in a while, your man cave will be the talk of the town.

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