How to Reduce Your Trash

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[sc_inpost_bigbox ad_name=”green-improvement” position=”alignright”]You live in your home, and you produce trash. That’s just the way it goes. To keep your home looking its best, it needs to remain clear of trash, and when the trash gets out of hand, your home can become nearly uninhabitable. Of course, this is only the worst-case scenario, and even homeowners who would don’t let their home reach this state can save time with more effective trash management.

Kitchen Trash Cans

Much of our home trash comes from the kitchen, and kitchen trash cans are among the most important trash cans in the home. They also provide the most options. Freestanding, under-the-sink, pantry, and pull- out trash cabinets are all possibilities. Some homeowners prefer multiple kitchen trash cans. The best idea is to match the number and placement of your trash cans with your lifestyle. If you’re the type of person to diligently dispose of each piece of trash as it’s made, you may want to save the kitchen space and put a single, moderately sized trash can in your kitchen. For the less diligent, multiple trash cans will help you with your trash management. Of course, the size of your kitchen will also play a significant role in allotting your kitchen trash cans.

Trash Compactors

When you think of trash compactors, your first thought probably isn’t residential compactors, but they’re out there and they will provide many of the same benefits to your home as other larger trash compactors. Homeowners who frequently throw away large items (diaper boxes, for example) may find trash compactors useful in reducing their trash volume. Many waste disposal companies limit the number of trash cans you can put out on your curb each week, and/or charge an extra fee for additional cans. Trash compactors can reduce your home’s volume of trash to make it fit within your allotment.

Source: iStock
Source: iStock

Trash Management Strategies

  • Your first strategy should always be to reduce your trash as much as possible. Stop using disposable dinnerware. Don’t bring home random items that seem cool at the time but that will grow old in a few months.
  • Think about installing and maintaining appliances such as garbage disposals and trash compactors that will reduce your trash load.
  • Compost your outdoor trash and, even some indoor trash, such as non-animal kitchen scraps and paper. With worms, as odd as it sounds, you can even compost indoors with virtually no residual odors.

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Start with a Clean Slate

Most homeowners know how trash management should go under ideal circumstances, but their home has gotten slightly out of control and simple measures won’t begin to remedy the problem. It’s probably time to hire a domestic cleaning service to come in and help you start from scratch. You can pretend all you want that you have the time and motivation to take care of the problem yourself, but hiring a waste removal professional to come in and do it for you can help you use your time and motivation to maintain a clean house. Any home remodeling or home decorating you can do, once you’ve got your home clean, can also help provide extra motivation to enable effective trash management.

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