Is it OK to Install a Window in the Shower?

Is It Okay to Install A Window in the Shower_

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While a window in the shower is common in some homes, water getting between the window and the interior wall becomes a problem in many situations. There’s also the possibility of moisture buildup, which can lead to dew in the summer and frost in the winter. Having a window in the tub or shower enclosure can also lead to wood rot or cause tile and surrounding finish material to separate from the underlayment.

To prevent this from happening, there are several ways to install windows that can be protected against moisture buildup by putting them in with the right materials. You can, for instance, install vinyl windows inside a wooden jamb—specifically pressure-treated wood—which is ideal for web conditions. Keeping the window out of range of the shower spray is another way to avoid moisture buildup. There’s also installing cement board and lining the inset with waterproof membrane. You can also use a pitched sill to allow the water to drain away. To match the rest of the décor and prevent moisture, you can install tiling around the window.

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Source: DesignMine

If possible, one of the best solutions is to install a glass or acrylic block window flush with the wall, that is then sealed and caulked all around its edges with high-quality silicone. That keeps it completely protected from any kind of moisture getting in or out. Some block windows have a small awning window at the top that opens to allow shower steam to escape.

You might also put a small shower curtain across the window to keep water off it. It will act as both a defensive shield against water and can also complete a room’s look if you’re looking at it from a decorative perspective. Whatever you choose, keep all joints between the window frame and the wall caulked and sponge the area dry after each use. Make sure to check for anything that could be cracked in the window or in the area surrounding it, as that could be the cause for moisture building up and fix your problem.

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