Lose Weight Fast With These 7 Kickboxing Routines

Sick of your usual treadmill and weights routine? Maybe it’s time you gave kickboxing a shot. This form of exercise offers amazing stress-relieving and strengthening benefits, also offering limitless potential for variety. On top of those benefits, kickboxing can shave off at least 500 calories with every hour, writes Fitness. Once you get a few basic moves down, you’ll work up a sweat in no time.

Give these seven kickboxing workouts a try at home — no gloves and punching bags needed — for a vigorous combination of strengthening and self-defense.

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1. Kickboxing basics

All aspiring kickboxers need to get the basics down first, and Fitness Magazine has just the answer. Try this butt-kicking Beginner’s Kickboxing Workout from Fitness Magazine. The routine guides you through seven of kickboxing’s most basic, need-to-know moves, followed by a 10-minute workout incorporating everything you’ve learned. You’ll feel the stress — and pounds — melting away in no time.

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2. Ab-shaping routine

Guillermo Gomez, a fourth-degree black belt, shared his ab-defining circuit with Shape. The routine includes everything from a bob and weave through a crescent kick, engaging the full body with a focus on both strength and self-defense tactics. You’ll be doing about one to three sets of Gomez’s six core-blasting moves, with little to no rest in between. Complete two to three circuits for a complete body workout.

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3. 400-calorie burner

This 400-calorie-burning workout has a focus on the core and will have your heart rate up in seconds. Fitness Blender estimates that this routine burns 10 to 15 calories every minute throughout its 27-minute duration. To avoid injury, stay on the balls of your feet and continuously shift weight from leg to leg. Fitness Blender advises that you “never punch or kick to a full extension” — rather, keep your joints “soft.”

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4. Maria Menounos’s Krav Maga workout

Krav Maga is the official combat system of the Israel Defense Forces; in recent years, the combat style has been adapted internationally for use in fitness and self-defense, reports The Huffington Post. TV correspondent Maria Menounos stays fit for her on-screen appearances by using this intense, Krav Maga-inspired conditioning routine. These four moves are no-fail ways to work your upper and lower body.

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5. Cardio-intense

Sick of your everyday treadmill routine? Kickboxing instructor and fitness expert Jessica Smith’s cardio routine could be the answer for you. Smith shared her eight-move drill with Shape, noting that the workout lends definition to both the upper and lower body. Maximize your fitness productivity by engaging and toning all these trouble areas at once while working in a serious cardio boost in at the same time!

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6. Kettle bell kickboxing

Shed calories and sculpt your entire body with a fusion kettlebell and martial arts workout from Dasha Libin, co-owner of Anderson Martial Arts in New York City. All you need for this workout is a 10- to 15-pound kettlebell.  In nine total moves — three rounds of three — you’ll complete squats, plank kick-outs, and just about everything in between. Self recommends that you perform each move for one minute, taking a one-minute break between each of the three rounds. For best results, complete the workout about three times a week on nonconsecutive days.

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7. 10-minute full-body boost

Here’s a quick but intense cardio burst for kickboxers looking for a streamlined and highly effective routine. Trainer Nicole Nichols shared this method with SparkPeople as a quick, rigorous method of burning fat and calories. The workout includes a brief warm-up and hardcore cardio stage followed by a cool down — and because it lacks any complex moves, it makes the ideal cardio workout for exercisers of any fitness level (even if they’ve only got 10 minutes to spare).

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