Pistachio Perfection: 8 Sweet and Salty Dessert Recipes

Pistachios are a delectable member of the nut family, making a particularly delightful addition to homemade desserts. The green nut’s distinctive salty flavor adds a layer of complexity to otherwise simple sweets, and even boasts its share of nutritional benefits: Each ½ cup of these tasty nuts contains 12.5 grams of protein and 6.3 grams of fiber, reports the United States Department of Agriculture.

Enhance your dessert menu with these 8 tantalizing pistachio-based dishes!

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1. Salted White and Dark Chocolate Pistachio Cookies

Nutty and chocolatey, these cookies offer the perfect blend of salty and sweet flavors — enough to make any dessert-lover  drool. “These cookies are amazing and I’m preeeetty sure they’re gonna be making the rounds at holiday parties in the coming months,” gushes Glazed and Confused. Make a batch for yourself and see what the fuss is about — chances are they’ll be a hit at your holiday parties, too!

Visit Glazed and Confused for the recipe.

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2. Pistachio Pie

If you’ve had enough of the usual nut butter pies, how about switching things up with a pistachio butter base? Once your pie is placed in the refrigerator, “It firms up and develops a creamy texture that’s one part mousse, one part cheesecake, one part fluffy clouds and one part mermaid song. By which I mean, it’s pretty dreamy.” This creamy must-try dessert is — you guessed it — easy as pie (and worth the wait!).

Visit Sugar Hero for the recipe.

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3. Chocolate Turtles

These aren’t your average chocolate turtles — they are oh-so-much more. The Mediterranean Dish packs this rich dessert with complex flavors that your taste buds won’t soon forget. “Pistachios add a subtle saltiness,” the author notes, while “Kahlua, coffee and cardamom intensify the flavor of semi-sweet chocolate, taking this homemade candy to a whole new level of decadence!” It’s a rich treat that your family and friends will go nuts for over the holiday season.

Visit the Mediterranean Dish for the recipe.

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4. Rhubarb, Pistachio, and Almond Tart

It’s about time rhubarb and pistachio to get the love they deserve. Inspired by a sweet Middle Eastern favorite, this dish combines several unique, understated fruit and nut flavors into one delightful dessert. “It is moist, not too sweet and looks so pretty with the green pistachio nuts throughout and the pieces of rhubarb on top,” adds Italy On My Mind.

Visit Italy On My Mind for the recipe.

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5. Mini Pistachio Boston Cream Pies

Miniature desserts are as adorable as they are delicious — plus, the guilt doesn’t start kicking in until you’ve wolfed down around two or three of them. The Candid Appetite calls this dish “a new twist on an old classic,” adding that chocolate and pistachios are like “two peas in a pod.” We think you’ll agree — especially after indulging in a bite of these ambrosial sweets!

Visit The Candid Appetite for the recipe.

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6. Pistachio Lemon Cake

There are many reasons to love this cake, but we’ll let Self Proclaimed Foodie get us started: “You get the luscious wonderful lemon cake…smack dab in the middle of a tart and sweet icing with crunchy raw pistachios, and a rich crunchy pistachio cookie crust. YUM YUM and more YUM.” We couldn’t agree more. This dish offers a simple and beautifully moist lemon cake, accented by nutty pistachios both in its crust and garnish. A lemon glaze balances out the complex flavors for a lightly-sweetened finish.

Visit Self Proclaimed Foodie for the recipe.

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7. Chocolate Drizzled Pistachio Cookies

Chocolate and pistachio again prove themselves to be an unparalleled match in these luscious cookies from Give Recipe. “These are wonderfully nutty, chewy and fancy with the colorful sprinkles on them,” she writes, adding that the spectacularly crumbly cookies are further improved upon with the addition of dark and white chocolate drizzles. The more chocolate, the better!

Visit Give Recipe for the recipe.

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8. Pistachio Ice Cream

It’s never too cold for ice cream — especially the pistachio variety. Broma Bakery’s recipe is inspired by the tastes of textures of authentic Italian gelato. No need to start booking your trans-Atlantic flights, though — instead, save a few bucks by whipping this dish up right in your own kitchen. The key to the gelato’s creamy consistency is to begin with a pistachio paste — accomplished by throwing nuts and heavy cream into your food processor. Buon appetito!

Visit Broma Bakery for the recipe.

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