Redesigning Your Bathroom With a Professional Eye

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The bathroom begins and ends most people’s days. You brush your teeth, shower or take a bath, and make yourself attractive in front of the biggest mirrors in the house. The fact that bathrooms are one of the first things home buyers look at is no surprise. Bathroom design is an indication of how you live your life; not to mention the importance you place on comfort and style in a home. In a bathroom remodel or a new home construction, there are many things to consider when looking at how your bathrooms should look—whether you are designing half-baths in the front of the house, a child’s bathroom, or master bathroom.

Whether you are updating a simple, small bathroom or looking to add comfort to the master suite, a bathroom designer is always a great thing to consider. A bathroom designer—also known as an interior decorator or interior designer—who has strong experience with bathroom design will be able to offer options you might not have thought of and will bring a trained eye to create a practical application to your vision.

Some of the Basics in Bathroom Design

Consider this. It’s winter and you don’t want to get out of bed. Then you start thinking about the radiant flooring in your bathroom warming up beautiful Spanish tile, the towel warming on the rack, the multiple-nozzle shower that’ll keep you from squirming to find the hot water. Does it allow you to get out of bed more easily? Maybe. Or perhaps, imagine yourself after work or on that lazy Saturday as you sit in a claw-foot bathtub, surrounded by understated but elegant marble; recessed lighting providing the perfect soft, balanced light for you to read by. Your bathroom should be a palace in itself. Similarly, when talking about a small bathroom or a guest bathroom, the design, while not as elegant for reasons of bathroom remodel cost, should still portray the same image and grace.

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Minor Bathroom Remodeling

You can always update that old bathroom design through cheaper methods than a full bathroom redesign. Tub liners and wall systems can do wonder in helping hide your old installations. Often, a simple paint job will make the room feel bigger and cozier. Consider putting some greenery in your bathroom to add oxygen, light, and the look of warmth to a room. If you’re looking for a quick fix, perhaps even something you can do yourself, there are plenty of options. If you really want to change the feel of your bathroom, these will only feel like shortcuts and easy outs, whereas a bathroom designer can get you on your way to substantial change.

Major Bathroom Remodeling

An interior designer will help you choose the work you should set your contractor to. This bathroom designer can help you decide what appliances fit best into a room. Like furniture in a living room, bathroom appliances can fit in a room but be too big, making the room smaller than it is. The designer can also help you match fixtures to design and help you choose between paint and wallpaper as well as stone, tile, and other flooring options. Consider a tub with jets, a stereo system, and of course, a fog-free mirror either for your vanity or shower. The options are endless.

Whether you are remodeling or building from scratch, there are many options out there. For this reason, it is often best to hire a professional designer to help you sort through the changes and add that bit of comfort you are looking for. The choices can be overwhelming, but in the end, you will truly appreciate how this important part of your day is forever changed for the best.

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