New Ways to Take Your Scrambled Eggs Up a Notch

Even those of us with the most basic cooking skills can scramble an egg, and there are near-limitless ways to help that simple dish reach new heights of greatness. Cheeses, spices, herbs, veggies, and more can all add wonderful flavors and textures to this simple and satisfying breakfast.

Get creative with the flavors of your scrambled eggs by trying one of these 11 recipes.

eggs and whisk

Eggs and a whisk |

1.  The simple addition of Greek yogurt to your scrambled eggs will result in a creamier, more decadent version of the old breakfast standby. Kitchen Treaty’s dill and Greek yogurt scrambled eggs wed that slightly-tart yogurt taste with the sharp flavor of feta cheese for a tantalizing Greek-inspired dish.

Salmon and eggs

Salmon and eggs |

2. Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, shares her recipe for smoked salmon scrambled eggs over at the Food Network. Chopped smoked salmon adds a refined character to the dish, while chives round out the spectacular flavor. Recipe takes just 30 minutes to complete and yields 4 to 6 servings.


Eggs |

3. Alternately, you can send yourself South of the Border for breakfast with a taste of Mexican scrambled eggs. Jalapeño peppers crank up the heat in this recipe, while refried beans make a hearty and flavorful addition to the mix. “The ingredients are simple, the flavours divine and the results – a filling protein rich breakfast suitable for gluten free and dairy free diets,” writes Family Food and Travel.

close image of scrambled eggs on toast with herbs

Scrambled eggs on toast |

4. Bring a touch of sophistication to the table with these scrambled eggs with parmesan, arugula, and truffle oil from the Owl With The Goblet, who notes that peppery arugula “cuts right through the richness of the eggs.” The recipe is an ideal indulgence for a leisurely weekend breakfast.

scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs |

5. These Thai-inspired spicy zucchini scrambled eggs from Let’s Regale are as simple as they are tasty, taking just 15 minutes to cook. Flavors of zucchini, sesame, garlic, and red chili flakes come together in the dish, with all flavors being brought together by fish sauce. This dish isn’t just innovative and delicious — it’s easy, too. “On occasion when I am in the mood for a quick and easy meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner, I will prepare a batch of these scrambled eggs,” writes Let’s Regale.

Avocado |

6. Lemony Thyme recommends a plateful of herb-infused scrambled eggs and avocado for breakfast. To make the dish truly special, scoop eggs into the hollowed avocado for a creative presentation that friends and family will love. These herbed scrambled eggs in avocado boats take just 5 minutes to complete.

Cracking eggs for breakfast |

7. Tickling Palates’ curried scrambled eggs combine a variety of unique flavors — green chili, turmeric, red chili powder, mustard seeds, and more — to achieve a truly remarkable taste. The recipe draws from Indian inspirations, after the traditional Egg Bhurji dish.


Kimchi |

8. Taste the influences of Korean cuisine with this simple kimchi scramble from Leaf + Grain, who notes that the pickled cabbage kimchi “is a very flexible condiment — serve it as a side, or add it to salads, stir fries, and scrambled eggs for a super quick and healthy meal.” Kimchi lends a distinctive flavor to the meal, while the leafy green kale provides a mild and heart-healthy balance.

breakfast skillet with quinoa, tomatatoes, peppers, and eggs

Egg skillet |

9. Five and Spice’s chipotle breakfast scramble is just the change of pace your breakfast needs. It’s packed with chipotle peppers, onion, tomatoes, and more to bring you the ultimate combination of savory breakfast flavors.

close up of beaten eggs ready for cooking

Beating eggs |

10. Living Lou calls this scrambled eggs with kale and prosciutto dish “a simple breakfast scramble that will impress your guests” — sounds like a winning combination to us! Flavorsome prosciutto and leafy kale come together with cheddar cheese in this scrumptious breakfast. Best of all, you’ll have 4 full servings prepared in just 12 minutes. Enjoy!

eggs in a wire holder

Fresh eegs |

11. Creamy and tangy goat cheese merges phenomenally with eggs in Pinch of Yum’s goat cheese scrambled eggs with pesto veggies dish. This breakfast offering reaches new and mouthwatering heights when enjoyed alongside a fresh salad consisting of pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, and pumpkin seeds.

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