Shower Designs for Any Bathroom

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Shower design is the biggest issue for a lot of bathrooms. For smaller bathrooms, simply finding a viable way to fit in any kind of shower stall can be a problem. For larger bathrooms, choosing between separate bathtubs and shower stalls and a tub/shower combo can be a tough decision. Finding the shower design to match your needs and preferences isn’t easy, but surveying the options and weighing the relative pros and cons will help to ensure you’re making the best choice available.

Small Bathrooms

Obviously, limited space usually prohibits installing a bathtub. Sometimes even a shower stall can be a problem. A curved quadrant shower is usually the smallest shower stall design available. Combined with a smaller toilet and sink, it can provide a viable shower in even the smallest bathrooms. A detachable showerhead can enable you to take a manageable shower in a smaller enclosure, and a slide shower will also produce similar benefits.

The other option for smaller baths is to turn the entire bathroom into a wet room. This involves installing a drain in your bathroom floor. This can become a major project for seemingly small gains. On the other hand, if you already have the proper tile installed for between $1,600 and $2,200, wet rooms can be a good option and the only way to shower in the smallest bathrooms.

Large Bathrooms

When you have space to work with, shower design becomes a real opportunity for your bathroom. Having a bathtub and shower stall means you can take a relaxing soak in a tailor-made tub when you want and retain the convenience and efficiency of your everyday shower. Various shower enclosures have made showers increasingly customized. Two-person and doorless showers have become the hottest trends, but the options are quickly becoming endless.

There are some advantages that can only be realized by separating the tub and shower enclosure in your bathroom, but even shower/tub combinations can be elegant installations. Ledges can use their own drain options to avoid the excessive pooling of shower water. The shower and showerhead design can help optimize the effect of each bathing experience.

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Luxury Showers

If you like the idea of a relaxing soak but aren’t sure if you have the space in your bathroom, a luxury shower is its own kind of therapeutic experience. A luxury shower can mean a number of different things. Lighting and music are staples that create a spa-like effect. Multiple, variable, and deluxe showerheads will give you a number of different soothing and massaging effects. Another common feature of a luxury shower is the overhead showerhead. This will give you the sensation of taking a shower in the rain. Lighting produces an exotic effect as though your shower were a waterfall on a deserted island. Luxury showers can be all-out flourishes of excess, ranging over thousands of dollars, or they can incorporate a few luxury design elements that enhance the showering experience for a manageable price.

Getting the Most from Your Investment

Before you get in over your head, talk to a bathroom remodeling contractor about all the different options. Think about the space you have available and what you value most from your shower and bathing experience. Showers and bathtubs are often the most compelling reason to invest in a bathroom remodel. A quality shower is an integral part of starting your day off right. A luxury bathtub where you can relax for an hour is an invaluable way of winding down after a tough day. Evaluate your lifestyle and then invest your money wisely. Shower design is catching up to your demands, so now is the time to start thinking seriously about upgrading your bathroom.

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