Slow-Cook Your Sweets: 20 Alluring Crockpot Desserts

Why would you want to use a crockpot to bake with? We think it is more accurate to ask why you wouldn’t want to make baked goods in a crockpot. It frees up your oven and your schedule while cooking your favorite treats to perfection. Don’t believe us? Feast your eyes on the 20 recipes below and become a believer in crockpot “baking.”

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1. Even if it isn’t autumn, you’ll fall for this Easy Crock Pot Pumpkin Coffee Cake from A Night Owl. You only need four ingredients to put this cake together in your slow cooker, and you’ll have a fall festive dessert ready in a little over an hour.

2. A few more ingredients are needed to complete the cake 365 Days of Slow Cooking created. This Moist Chocolate and Caramel Cake also uses a baking mix, bringing together sweetened condensed milk, chocolate, and cream cheese for a richly decadent dessert.

3. After all that chocolate, you might be craving a cocoa-free dessert, and Mr. Food is dishing out what you desire with a Cinnamon-Raisin Bread Pudding. Additional depth to the dish comes from butterscotch chips and pecans.

4. Also on the cinnamon-sweet side of life is Kitchen Tested‘s Crock Pot Blueberry Cinnamon-Swirl Banana Bread. Enjoy it at breakfast with a cup of coffee, or for dessert with ice cream.

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5. The Gracious Pantry was inspired by a Martha Stewart recipe, but wanted to create a clean eating version. Clean Eating Slow Cooker Brownies are sweetened with banana and have a deep chocolate flavor.

6. Joining in on trying to make dessert a little bit healthier is The Realistic Nutritionist. You’ll find less butter than usual in this Healthy Crock Pot Apple Crisp, which you can make overnight so that you awake to a house full of freshly baked apple scents.

7. A crock pot can make prepping any dish easier, and The Chic Table used this principle to simplify a fancy dessert. Slow Cooker Crème Brûlée is the restaurant quality dessert you desire.

8. Even easier, though, is the Crockpot Monkey Bread The Frugal Girls shared. It uses refrigerated biscuit dough that is cut into pieces, eventually transforming into gooey bites of bread perfect for dessert or brunch.

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9. Jazz up a store-bought pound cake, ice cream, or other grocery aisle sweet with Crock Pot Bananas Foster. Alternatively, just dig into Tammilee Tips’ gooey, cinnamon-sugar and banana creation — you won’t be disappointed.

10. It is safe to say that the Crock Pot Ladies know a thing or two about using a slow cooker to make food, dessert included. Just try this recipe for Crock-Pot Carrot Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting. It takes 3 to 4 hours to bake, giving you plenty of time to make your frosting.

11. Or you could opt for a cake that, while cooking, forms a delectable sauce, like Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch‘s Crock Pot Chocolate Cake with Hot Fudge Sauce. Underneath this homemade crock pot cake lies a hot fudge layer that is begging for ice cream to accompany the whole dessert.

12. Another go-to source for slow cooker recipes is the Crockpot Gourmet, who has created these Crockpot Lemon Cookie Bars. The powdered-sugar-dusted bars are the dessert you need when you want a chocolate-free sweet.

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13. To make a rich, flavorful cheesecake, make the Slow-Cooker Hazelnut Cheesecake with Hazelnut Crumble from The Devil’s Food Advocate. Use the process to make any type of cheesecake, and amaze guests by telling them just how their dessert “baked.”

14. Drink your dessert and provide cocoa for a crowd using Something Swanky‘s Crockpot Hot Chocolate recipe. Plus, when you go back for seconds, you’re ensured a warm, sweet drink — no reheating required.

15. Add a little fruit to the dessert table with Old-Fashioned Slow Cooker Baked Apples. Cored apples are filled with a cinnamon sugar mixture and warmed for several hours, becoming a heavenly, simple treat.

16. Apples aren’t your only option, though, because you can use your crock pot to make Slow Cooker Poached Pears, as well. The Perfect Pantry chose a caramel sauce to serve with these pears, but you could top yours with whipped cream, or ice cream.

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17. Turn your crock pot into a candy-creating machine by following Practical Stewardship‘s method of making White Chocolate Candy. Around Christmas, you’ll definitely want the variation of the sweet cups that calls for candy canes, too.

18. Made with chocolate chip cookie mix and brownie mix, it is easy to see why this dessert is called Heaven in a Crockpot. Amp up the chocolate factor like Recipe Diaries did by sprinkling extra chocolate chips on top.

19. If you aren’t interested in mixing your cookies with your brownies, maybe you’ll be tempted by these Crock Pot White Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookie Bars. The Frugal Foodie Mama promises the bars will have crispy edges and gooey centers — the best of both worlds.

20. Fruit probably comes to mind when you think of cobbler, but Eat at Home will change that perception with this Salted Caramel Cobbler in the Slow Cooker. You might even have all the ingredients necessary in your kitchen right now.

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