5 Apps to Help You Stay Organized

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Laptops, smartphones and tablets all make it easier to get more stuff done throughout the day. But, technology and the productivity that comes with it can often make it easy for people to take on too much or become overwhelmed. Apps that improve your organization can help make your daily tasks a little less overwhelming. From time management to organizational lists, there is an app out there that will help save you a little time throughout the day. Here’s a list of five apps guaranteed to keep you organized.

1. Things

Designed to help you tackle your sometimes overwhelming to-do list, this Apple program is built to help you get stuff done. “It breaks down even the most daunting tasks into achievable, bite-size chunks and brings list-making into the Internet era. To use the program on your iPhone, iPad or computer, just type in everything you need to do, whether a single chore, like clearing out a closet, or such weekly projects as taking out the recycling,” writes Mark Harris, a Next Avenue contributor. Users can put a time limit on when tasks need to be done and are presented with a checklist everyday to make sure nothing is forgotten. Things is available for $50 on a Mac, $20 on an iPad and $10 on an iPhone.

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2. EasilyDo

Have you been hoping for a personal assistant to help keep you on track? Look no further than EasilyDo. Rather than having several apps that help you keep track of appointments, deadlines and to-do items, this free app stores all of your information in one place. Here’s what it can help with: it’ll check for traffic, file receipts, track packages and alert you to birthdays, writes Austin Woman Magazine. So rather than use multiple apps or computer tabs, you can connect EasilyDo to a number of online services and never stress about missing out on something again.

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3. Closet

It happens every morning. You look in your closet and feel as though you have nothing to wear. That’s where Closet steps in. It helps you organize every aspect of your closet, making it much easier to pick out an outfit. Closet has you snap photos of the tops, bottoms, footwear and accessories you own and pair them in various ways for different outfit looks. You then file outfits under categories such as “casual” or “formal”, says Los Angeles Times. The app lets you assign outfits to a month-at-a-glance calendar. And, it comes in handy when you’re packing for a trip by letting you keep track of your closet’s inventory.

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4. Mint

“The Mint.com Personal Finance app gives the user the freedom to control their finances at the touch of their fingertips. Instead of having multiple apps to track your budget and manage your money, Mint.com allows you to do that all in one place,” according to Austin Woman Magazine. All you do is start an account and add bank, credit and loan accounts. Mint is protected with a four-digit PIN, and if you lose your phone, you can deactivate your mobile access, keeping your private information safe. It provides easy-to-read graphs to show where your money is going and sends you alerts when bill time is near.

Source: http://www.lifehacker.jp/

Source: http://www.lifehacker.jp/

5. Astrid

Free for Android and iPhone, Astrid lets you manage your to-do lists online or through the app. You can sink between the two, as well as Google Tasks and other calendars such as iCal, writes the Los Angeles Times. You can input the tasks manually or use the app’s voice-to-text feature and assign a date, time and priority. Better yet, it even lets you assign tasks to others who share the app. And, if you’re looking for an app with a touch of sarcasm, Astrid is perfect for you. “Astrid’s grinning cartoon octopus pops up on your phone with inspiration: ‘You can’t just get by on your good looks.’ ‘Let’s get to it!’ or ‘It’s time. You can’t put off the inevitable’,” the Los Angeles Times says.

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