6 Closet Essentials for Spring and Summer

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Trends come and go, and while it’s fun to join in on the great colors and styles of the season, there are also a few items every closet should always have on hand. These closet essentials can be used for multiple looks and should be a staple you can always go to (especially on days that you don’t want to wear that crazy pattern that’s trending for spring.) When shopping for your closet basics, make sure it’s something you love, and definitely look for items that can be worn several different ways and be taken from day to night. Here’s a list of the six items your closet shouldn’t be without.

1. Denim Jacket

They’re versatile, light enough for warm weather, and warm enough to fight off any chill that’s left in the air. InStyle advises looking for one with a little extra detail. Decorative features such as a band collar and zippers, rather than metal or buttons, give this basic a little more pop. It can be worn with an assortment of tops, making it a great piece to have on hand. For a great spring and summer look, try it with silky floral shorts, InStyle recommends.

2. White Top

It’s easy to wear, simple and fashionable. A great white tee can be used for multiple looks — whether you’re aiming for preppy, conservative, laid back, or dressy. Pair your white top with colored skirts, shorts, or pants, writes All Women Stalk. You can tuck it in or leave it loose, and you can even layer over a printed dress for a new look. Any fun jewelry paired with it will pop against the white canvas, giving you ample outfit options. If you’re aiming for a preppier look, try a version of a button down. Hoping for feminine? Add a pop of lace or frill to your white shirt.

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3. Maxi Dress

These dresses “have it all — casually stylish, feminine, comfy, and elegant! They are versatile to wear for lounging at the beach or park; for dressy occasions; for strolling around the mall and even for dates,” according to The Chic Fashionista. They even come in a wide variety of styles to suit any taste. Creating multiple outfits with this staple is also easy — layer with a blazer, cardigan, or T-shirt for an assortment of looks.

4. Tunic Shirts

They’re simple, which means they can be paired with many different skirts, pants, and shorts to create a ton of different looks. These shirts are also a great alternative to dress shirts and can easily be taken from the workplace to night. According to The Chic Fashionista, these tops can be worn as a tunic dress during the summer months, and can also be paired with skirts and capri shorts. For the chillier spring months, the tunic shirt looks great paired with jeans or layered with a cardigan.

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5. Flowy Pants

According to InStyle, finding a pair of pants with a fluid material, such as silk, creates a great silhouette. The slouchy drape it creates makes it a look you can take from relaxed to dressy. “Choose a top that’s equally relaxed, like this drop-shoulder T. If you’re craving a bit of structure, try crisp lace-ups in linen and leather,” InStyle advises. You can also find great patterns on the pants, as long as there is elastic at the ankles to prevent the pants from having too much volume. These pants can also be paired with a great jacket on top — keep it light and airy to match the feel of the pants.

6. Nude Heel

“They elongate the leg, pair perfectly with almost any look, and can be worn with jeans as often as formal wear. Nude heels are a flawless fashion choice all year round, but especially so in the summer months that call for lighter looks and the chance to show off a little leg,” says All Women Stalk. You can buy the patented version, which works great for work (or drinks after work) or you can buy this shoe in the wedged sandal version, which works great as well. No matter what type of nude heel you buy, it will look great with almost any outfit you pull together.

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