6 Fashion Trends to Expect This Spring

Source: Thinkstock

With spring hopefully right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about a mild weather wardrobe. Retailers are already hauling out spring clothing, so even though it still may be too soon to wear any of it, you can have your spring items on hand in case a warm-weather day strikes.

What can you expect for spring? Think bright colors, somewhat comfortable clothes, and unique twists on what would otherwise be fairly standard clothing items. One thing is for sure — there is nothing boring about spring’s fashion trends. Here are 6 trends you can expect to see in 2014.

1. Artful Color

“Maybe Lady Gaga was onto something by calling her album Artpop, because it’s now a major color scheme of the Spring 2014 season. Chanel’s collection offered splashes of bright color, while Marc Jacobs’ pieces were rich, dramatic, and arguably regal,” writes Huffington Post. Picture contemporary art mixed with something that an artist might paint — those are the types of bold color patterns you can expect to see, says Bal Harbour Shops.

2. Metallic

You will find a metallic sheen to many clothing items and accessories this spring, which will provide an extra pop to an everyday look. Check out Lanvin’s collection, which includes space-looking uniforms in silver tones, Huffington Post writes. Haider Ackermann’s line has embellished sheer skirts with metallic fabric, as well as bright metallic suits. “Just ask yourself this: ‘Would I wear it on Electric Circus?’ If so, then it’s a spring hit,” Huffington Post says.

3. Contrast-Collar Button-Downs

Inspired by menswear, this dress shirt is great when paired with a contrasting color. Also look for textured collars and cuffs to take your button-down to the next style level, Glamour writes. “This elevated wardrobe essential is perfect for sneakily kicking up your work outfit (just make sure to button up all the way.)”

4. Athletic Apparel

No, that doesn’t mean sweatpants and baggy T-shirts. However, a few designers did decide to take a more athletic approach to some of their clothing. Gucci focused on mesh overlays, and Tommy Hilfiger is bringing you “gymwear straight out of the Hamptons,” according to Huffington Post. Hoping for just a hint of athleticism in your pants? Look for trousers with an athletic stripe. If you want to take that athletic stripe to the next level, look for a pair that has stripes running along the inseam instead. Glamour recommends looking for a streamlined silhouette in white, paired with a casual non-button-down top.

5. Wide-Leg Trousers

As comfy as it is cute, this easy-to-wear, billowy pant is a huge hit for spring 2014, Glamour writes. If you’re on the shorter side, look for a pair that’s leaner on the flare. It also doesn’t hurt to look for a higher waisted trouser — it elongates your frame.

6. Animal Prints

It wouldn’t be spring without bright, fun patterns. Both Diane von Furstenburg and Betsey Johnson added animal prints to their spring 2014 collections. If you’re feeling adventurous, accessorize it with faux reptile bracelets or shoes, according to Washington Square News. Better yet, try a zebra print jumpsuit — it’s sure to get you noticed. The Fashion Spot writes that Miu Miu’s spring collection is also bringing plenty of animal prints with a childish twist. “They won’t be the easiest to pull off in a sophisticated manner, but they made for quirky statement pieces, particularly when it came to the coats.”

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