15 Bakery Style Cake Recipes That Have Hidden Designs Inside

Just as you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you shouldn’t judge these cakes by their icing. They may appear to be ordinary desserts that are frosted with various vanilla and chocolate frostings, but there is much more to these cakes than originally meets the eye. Once you slice into these layered sweets, you’ll find they’re stuffed with candy or decorated with pretty patterns and exotic prints. Here are 15 cakes with hidden surprises on the inside.

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1. Don’t judge this cake by its icing. Martha Stewart’s Rainbow Cake may appear to be an ordinary vanilla-frosted dessert, but hidden inside are beautiful and bright multicolored stripes.

2. Watermelon might not be in season, but you can pretend it is by preparing Sweet Dreams’ cake. It resembles a watermelon on the outside, but the real surprise is on the inside. When you slice it open, you’ll find a bright red filling that’s flecked with black spots for the seeds.

3. Upon first glance, Mellow Spicy’s Zebra Cake, which was adapted from King Arthur Flour, appears to be a plain-looking vanilla dessert. The inside, however, consists of an exotic animal print, ensuring you have a divine dish that will entice your eyes and tastebuds.

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4. Betty Crocker delivers a dessert that’s perfect for expecting parents. You can let your guests know whether your baby is a girl or boy by cutting into your Surprise on the Inside Gender Reveal Cake, which you’ll fill with either pink or blue candy.

5. Close Encounters of the Cooking Kind’s Piñata Cake might seem like an ordinary, chocolate-frosted treat. But it’s actually stuffed full of sweets and candies, which will come tumbling out when you slice into this dreamy dessert.

6. Ready to breathe new life into a boring birthday cake? By making Tablespoon’s Rainbow Tie-Dye Surprise Cake, you can create a dessert that has a tie-dye number hidden on the inside.

 7. You’ll need a box of cake mix, frosting, food dye, and two circular cut-outs to make this dessert. With just those ingredients and a few basic tools, you can easily make A Subtle Revelry’s Checkerboard Birthday Cake.

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8. Show your family how much you love them by preparing this Hearts Desire Inside Cake. Following Dr. Oetker’s easy instructions, you’ll create an indulgent chocolate cake that has a lovely red heart on the inside.

9. This Surprise-Inside Cakes recipe via Country Living creates a cake that’s covered in cherries. The real treat, though, is when you slice open this sweet to find an adorable cherry hidden inside.

10. Dimples & Tangles’ Rainbow Ruffle Polka Dot Confetti Cake is beautiful on the inside and outside. The icing consists of several bright colors and sprinkles, and when you cut into the cake, your guests will love the polka dots that decorate the inside of this toothsome treat.

11. I Wash You Dry’s Surprise Inside Rainbow Cake is a three-layered cake that’s decorated with Trix cereal on the outside and stuffed with the small candy of your choice on the inside. This festive dish is perfect for birthdays!

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12. To make a Lime Macadamia Piñata Cake, you’ll bake your pound cake, dig out the middle, fill it with the candy of your choice, and then pipe a thick layer of icing around the outside of the base cake to make sure your layers stick together. Claire K Creations then suggests decorating the rest of your cake with a fun and festive buttercream icing.

13. I am Baker’s Surprise Inside Heart Cake, which was adapted slightly from Magnolia Bakery, appears to be a vanilla-frosted cake that has red velvet cake crumbled on top. When you take a peek at the inside of this cake, though, you’ll see a bright red heart, which contrasts perfectly with its stunning white background.

14. Thanks to Omnomicon, making a surprise-inside Sunny Day Rainbow Cake doesn’t have to be hard. You’ll simply dye your cake batter different colors, pile it on top of each other, bake, and frost.

15. Growing Jane presents a Pistachio Melon Cake, which at first glance looks like a simple cake covered in coconut frosting. However, when you cut into your cake, you’ll find that this dessert is actually nutritious and is made up of honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon.

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