The Benefits of Upgrading Your Bathroom With a Steam Bath

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A steam bath is an enclosed shower unit installed in your bathroom that provides the benefits of a sauna without the extra expense. The reasons for installing one of these luxuries are numerous. People who partake of steam bathing on a regular basis are healthier, look better, and experience less stress than those who don’t. If you’re interested in installing one of these innovative baths in your residence, talk to a contractor experienced in bathroom remodeling about getting your new bath up and running as soon as possible.

Why Install a Steam Bath?

People have been taking advantage of the healing potential of a good steam induced sweat for thousands of years. Raising the body temperature a few degrees results in more efficient immune systems, helps flush toxins from the body, cleanses the skin, and fosters physical and mental relaxation. In ancient Rome, Turkey, and Northern Europe, public steam houses were the norm. Today, however, there’s no need to leave your house. By installing a self-contained unit in your bathroom, you can experience all the benefits of steam bathing in your very own home.

Steam Bath 101

The idea behind these baths is pretty simple. Each unit consists of an enclosed and sealed “room” that fits where your tub and shower now sit. A steam generator is then installed in an out of sight location, such as the basement, attic, or beneath the bathroom vanity. All that’s left is hooking everything up to your home’s plumbing, and you’re ready to go. Furthermore, because these baths double as functioning showers, you won’t need to sacrifice much space in your home to have one installed. It’s one of the main reasons they are preferred over a more traditional sauna by so many homeowners.

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Steam Bath Options

If you like being pampered when you bathe, shopping for one of these baths can be a lot of fun. These miniature steam rooms are a luxurious addition to your home, and are available with all the bells and whistles to match. In addition to the steam, different models offer massaging showerheads, full body misters, and multiple shower heads, just to name a few options. Talk to a retailer or installer who specializes in selling these baths to get an idea of the full range of available additions.

A Steam Bath is Worth Every Penny

Because these baths are a luxury item, they don’t come cheap. Expect to pay a hefty price for the unit and to have it installed. When you balance that against the health, cosmetic, and stress reduction benefits of having a steam bath always at the ready, however, it’s easy to see why the price tag is worth every penny. Remember, you’re not making an investment in just any bath, you’re investing in your health and peace of mind as well.

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