The Formula: 6 Tips to Constructing a Healthy, Satiating Salad



Are you the kind of person who has a perfectly healthy salad for dinner — and then a sandwich and a cookie for dessert? Understanding the benefits of nutrient-packed salads, you try your hardest to eat the greens at least a couple times of week, but then are left feeling hungry and unsatisfied. How can some of your friends and coworkers feel satisfied from their healthy salads, but you cannot? The problem might lie in your salad components. Assembling a satiating salad is an art form, and that’s what we’re going to break down for you today. Gone are the days of you eating a salad for lunch, only to hide out in the break room for a post-salad pizza. With these tips, you’ll have a refreshing, satisfying salad on your hands in no time, and not only will you thank us, your waistline probably will, too.

1. Pick fresh, seasonal greens of your choice

The greens are the base of your salad; therefore, their quality should take top priority. All too often, consumers compromise on the quality of their salad base by picking up the frozen greens or using up their spoiled ones, and at that point, they should just stop before they even begin, because they are ruining the potential of any good salad right off the bat. Though cost-conscious consumers can take shortcuts, fresh, seasonal lettuce is something you should splurge on if you really want to commit to making appetizing salads.

Once you have your fresh greens on hand, start assembling your salad by either sticking to one type of green, like leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, endive, kale, or spinach, or create a mixed salad with all different types. The choice is up to you — just make sure your produce is fresh and in season!

Quick tip: If you want to try your hand at kale, massage the greens first with a tablespoon or so of olive oil, lemon juice, and salt. This will break down the kale’s tough cellulose structure, and release some of its bitterness. In addition, if you are going to make your salad with only kale, consider constructing it the night before eating it. Letting kale marinate in dressing and the juices released from your other ingredients will make its texture and flavor even more appetizing.