The Most Important Painting and Staining Prep Steps

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No matter if you are having an interior or exterior painting job done, there are some ways in which you can prepare the areas so painters can move around easily and do their job quickly. While many of the responsibilities fall on the shoulders of the local painting contractor you hire, there are several things you can do to ensure the painting or staining job goes smoothly.

Exterior Painting and Exterior Staining

Spills and overspray are the two things you need to consider with your exterior painting jobs. Most painting companies will use airless sprayers to paint or stain your home. While these machines are very controlled and accurate, nobody can predict the wind. Quick gusts can push the spray line onto windows, plants, toys, and many other things.

So when preparing for exterior painting or staining, here are a few steps. Move anything in your yard that can be moved. This includes outdoor furniture, swing sets, toys, potted plants, grills, lawn ornaments, door mats, and move your vehicles as far away as possible. Your painters will most likely move these things out of the way, but if you do it before they arrive, it will allow them to get started that much quicker, which will allow them to finish that much quicker.

Plants, water features, shrubs, and other objects that cannot be moved but should not be painted will be covered by the painters. They will bring tarps and drop cloths, and this will not be any worry.

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Interior Painting and Interior Staining

Interior staining is a little trickier, and interior painting is just as difficult. Since this is inside and you don’t want your countertops, carpet, and furniture coated in paint or stain, there is a lot of prep to do. The good news here is that painters and stainers want to do all the prep work themselves so that they can be sure that everything is taped off exactly how they want it to be. This leaves you with little to do. However, here are some things you should consider to assist the painting and staining process.

  • Move anything that you can move: chairs, artwork, rugs, etc. This way you can be sure that nothing will get paint on it that isn’t supposed to.
  • Designate a certain bathroom that you want your painters to use.
  • Envision their path from their truck to the work area and lay down some carpet scraps or old towels so that your flooring does not get dirty.

Beyond these few things, the best people to ask about preparing for their work are the painters who are actually doing the work. They can better prepare you for their presence and expedite your entire painting process.

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