The Unknown Truth to Kitchen Cabinet Remodels

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Kitchen cabinets are going to take up the most visual space. They are eye level, and they hold everything that people are looking for—except cold food and drinks.

Every cabinet remodel is a project in either attracting the best attention to your cabinets, or to downplay the cabinetry with some softer colors in order to highlight some great countertops like granite, brushed steel, or butcher block. So the real question then becomes this: Do you want to highlight or tone down?

Highlighting Your Cabinets

The best idea is to have your kitchen cabinet remodeling project one of function from the beginning. What good are sharp-looking cabinets if they are constantly falling apart or aren’t big enough for your dishes?

When you are shopping for cabinets (particularly wall cabinets), take a dish with you so that you can show your cabinetmaker the exact depth that you need. If you have old cabinetry that you are looking to spruce up, just make sure that the structure of the cabinets is in solid shape.

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Hardware and Doors

The two things that people are going to be looking at—with respect to your cabinet remodel—are the hardware and the doors. No one is going to be eyeballing the sides, the insides, the kickplates, or the backs. The doors are where most of the cabinet budget will settle—especially with wood cabinets.

To get your cabinets to be eye-catching, they need to either be darker or brighter than the walls behind them and the counters. Most people choose to have a dark stain on their wood to draw the attention. However, lighter-colored woods, like maple, can also stand out without having such a dark feel to the room. If you have painted cabinets, then the same theory still applies. Use brighter colors that will pop out from the color of the walls and appliances.

Hardware can one of the most deceptive areas of hidden costs for cabinet remodels. Good hardware isn’t cheap, and if you want your kitchen cabinet remodeling to be high-end, then you need to get the right hardware to go with it. Research the market and cabinet stores for what is out there to determine what you like. If you can’t find what you like, you can have your cabinet pulls custom-made. Remember, the price goes up for the cabinet remodel, but then again, nobody else will have hardware quite like yours.

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Downplaying the Cabinets

If you are particularly excited about the kind of counters that you are going to get and you don’t want the cabinets hogging all the attention, using a smart design scheme will tone down the cabinets while still giving you enough cabinet space.

If you want your cabinets to ease back into the wallpaper, then it is best to have painted cabinets. Everyone loves the look of stain, but paint is no less classy. If you go with a closed-grain wood species, like maple or cherry, then the paint will be flat and smooth, giving the cabinet doors a very clean appearance. To downplay the cabinets, paint them the color of the walls or close to the color. Whites and pastels really help to draw the cabinets back out of dominance and allow your flooring or counters to have all the glory.

When it comes to hardware, you might consider having painted pulls that are fairly unobtrusive. Small circle pulls or longer pulls that run up and down with the side of the cabinet doors are best. However, if you don’t like the look of painted pulls, there are literally hundreds of options for subdued hardware. The best idea is to test out a few different models. Tape one to your cabinets, walk out of the room, and then back in and see if it grabs your eye. If so, take them down; if not, you’re good to go. Cabinet hardware can also be used as a nice tie-in between the counters and the cabinets, no matter which one you are trying to show off.

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