Treat Your Taste Buds With 6 Superbly Spiced Japanese Curry Dishes

Although the roots of the Japanese culinary tradition stretch back thousands of years, curry is a relative newcomer to the nation’s cuisine. Serious Eats explains that curry dishes first gained traction in Japan in the 19th century, when British imports such as curry powder first rose to prominence among the nation’s inhabitants. Since then, Japanese curry has developed its own stewy character, typically blending meat and vegetables in a thick, roux-based sauce over rice or noodles.

Use any of these 6 recipes to master the art of Japanese curry cooking at home.

Thai Beef Noodle Soup, ramen

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1. Beef Curry Udon

“Curry udon is my favorite way to enjoy udon,” writes The Missing Lokness, who notes that “a rich and slightly sweet broth with tons of spices perfectly [flavors] the bouncy and chewy udon.” Beef chunks are draped in an exotically spiced curry broth, while the addition of sake brings the flavors of the dish to new heights. Loading the dish up with thick udon noodles makes every bite of this dish a slurp-worthy success!

Visit The Missing Lokness for the recipe.

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2. Japanese Chicken Curry with Homemade Curry Roux

“The easiest way to make this is if you use store bought instant curry roux,” Daily Cooking Quest notes. “But what is the point in covering a recipe with store bought curry roux?” Cook up this splendidly spicy dish the authentic Japanese way by making a curry roux from scratch — we guarantee you’ll taste the difference! Blogger Anita Jacobson’s recipe blends tart, fruity notes (Fuji apples, tomato, and soy sauce make an appearance), complemented by an incredible assortment of spices. The dish works with any meat or meat substitute of your choosing.

Visit Daily Cooking Quest for the recipe.

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3. Portobello Mushroom Katsu Curry With Japanese Rice

Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art describes tonkatsu, one of the nation’s most popular dishes, as a breaded and deep-fried pork cutlet. Maple Spice blogger Debbie Walsh opts for a vegan-friendly take on the dish, making portobello mushroom the star player in her recipe. Walsh uses soy yogurt to aid in giving her mushrooms a wonderfully crispy coating, exclaiming that “This makes the absolute BEST breading for deep frying. Tasty and SUPER crispy, with a nice thick breading that does not fall off. It’s just perfect.”

Visit Maple Spice for the recipe.

spicy Egg Salad with a dash of Paprika

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4. Japanese Curry Egg Salad

Satisfy your curry flavor cravings with this Japanese Curry Egg Salad, which offers a delicious change of pace from the dish’s typical presentation. To get the full-on Japanese experience, Thirsty For Tea recommends enjoying these flavorful sandwiches “with a cup of rich, sweet Japanese tea like Houjicha, a roasted green tea.” The recipe yields 2 spiced egg salad sandwiches, perfect for a quick and creative lunch or dinner.

Visit Thirsty For Tea for the recipe.

Paneer Masala or Cheese Cooked in a Creamy Sauce

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5. Japanese Curry

Indulge in a traditional stew-like Japanese curry using Lollipopsicle’s tantalizing tofu variation of the dish. “This curry is rouxed up,” blogger Alexandra Jones explains, “meaning it is thickened with butter and flour, and is delicious with short grain rice.” Serve with a germinated brown rice to maximize the health benefits of this hearty comfort food. The recipe yields 4 servings.

Visit Lollipopsicle for the recipe.

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6. Katsu Chicken Curry

In another take on popular katsu-style cooking comes Mongolian Kitchen’s recipe for Katsu Chicken Curry. “Cooking with flour makes the curry sauce thick and coconut milk gives it a creamy and rich texture.” The dish is further enhanced with the addition of caramelized onions, and spices such as paprika, turmeric, chili powder, and garam masala. This curry dish is easy to make, requiring just 20 minutes of prep time and yielding 2 generous servings.

Visit Mongolian Kitchen for the recipe.

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