Try These 7 Steamed Recipes for Tender and Tasty Eats

Steaming is one of the healthiest and simplest means of food preparation, and it can be used in sweet and savory dishes alike. Boiling water continuously will cause it to vaporize into steam, which carries heat into nearby food, thus cooking it through in a covered area or container. One of the qualities that cooks love most about steaming is how perfectly moist it leaves dishes, offering a consistent, tender texture every time.

These seven recipes offer up sensory satisfaction through the steaming process. Delight in one of them today!

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1. Thai Spicy Chicken Wings

Sweet, spicy, and tangy are three of the finest qualities you’ll find in a chicken wing. These Thai Sticky Wings do just the trick in satisfying hungry chicken lovers, and they’re a great accompaniment to a football game. “These wings are steamed before they’re baked … so the skin becomes crispy and delectable under the gooey, sweet and tangy sauce,” notes Whip This Up. The layers of flavor provided by coconut milk, garlic, and ginger transform this standard football fare from average to awesome.

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2. Steamed Salmon With Cannellini Beans and Tomatoes

Steam your way to a light (but filling) seafood dinner with this dish, featuring steamed salmon, cannellini beans, and tomatoes. Keys to the Cucina raves about the dish’s taste and texture, saying, “Steaming salmon is going to be my new go-to because it stayed so so moist throughout the cooking process and was such a game changer!” The addition of white wine brings this dish to a greater level of complexity, making for a dish so sophisticated that your family and friends won’t believe it only took 30 minutes — and one pot!

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3. Tofu Potstickers

Connoisseurus Veg swears by these steamed tofu potstickers, writing: “You might think that steamed potstickers would be less satisfying than fried, but you’re wrong! I could totally have pan-fried these, but steaming makes them awesome. The wrappers bubble up ever so slightly, and as the name implies, they stick together.” The potstickers are sticky, satisfying, and vegetarian friendly, with sophisticated flavors resulting from the accents of garlic and ginger.

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4. Bourbon and Hoisin Pork Buns With Pickled Onions

Pork buns are a traditionally Chinese dish cooked through a steaming process, which lends them an irresistibly light and fluffy texture. “These little buns even exceeded my expectations for pillowy softness, the perfect pouch for succulent marinated and barbecued pork. A touch of pickled onions and slathering of hoisin put them over the top,” says the Seasoned Traveler, and bourbon in the sauce adds a mouthwatering complexity. It’s a dish the whole family will love!

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5. Steamed Artichoke With Brie de Meaux Sauce

Cooking in Sens makes this French-inspired dish sound irresistible, noting that, “When you fill and broil the artichokes, you end up with a golden crust that you break open to access the rich bubbling sauce in which you dip the leaves.” That sauce consists of indulgent heavy cream, brie cheese, and egg yolk, with a distinct sprinkling of time to add depth. Cooking in Sens does recommend that you remove the fuzzy “choke” part of the artichoke prior to steaming it, as it will prove to be an obstacle once you reach the delicious heart of the vegetable.

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6. Manti Steamed Buns

Manti are a variety of steamed dumpling that originated in central Asia, reports The New York Times. “This particular recipe is for the Uzbek manti which are typically stuffed with lamb, however, mixes of meats are also used. Vegetables can be added into the filling too – pumpkin, potato, etc.,” writes Melangery, whose recipe calls for a lamb or beef filling, then is seasoned with cumin for a distinct finish. Try your hand at this delectable central Asian dish to see for yourself!

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7. Steamed Pumpkin Crockpot Cake

Desserts can benefit just as much from steaming as any other part of your meal. This method of preparation promotes an irresistible texture, also offering less risk of burning than traditional methods like baking. “This steamed pumpkin Crockpot cake is probably the moistest cake I have ever tasted,” raves blogger Life With 4 Boys. It requires simple ingredients from your pantry and refrigerator, with the key flavor — pumpkin — being a wonderful way to celebrate the season on a crisp evening after dinner.

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