Unexpected Desserts You Can Make Using Boxed Brownie Mix

Boxed brownie mix is a staple pantry item, offering home cooks a shortcut to sweet after-dinner deliciousness. As much as we all love brownies, however, the chocolatey morsels can be tiring after enough repeat servings. Next time you’re looking to fulfill those fudgy cravings, don’t be afraid to get creative with that box of brownie mix. You can whip up these six non-brownie sweets recipes in no time using a boxed brownie mix shortcut!

1. Brownie Batter Cherry Cordial Whoopie Pies

Brownie batte

Brownie batter | iStock.com

“Whether you love cherry cordials or are just a fan in general of the chocolate-cherry flavor combo, Cherry Cordial Brookie-wiches are sure to impress!” says blogger Carrie Robinson of the Frugal Foodie Mama. Rich cherry buttercream frosting is sandwiched between fudgy brownie mix cookies, offering a taste of decadence that every sweets lover will appreciate. The recipe takes about 30 minutes to make and yields 6 tantalizing cherry-chocolate treats.

Visit The Frugal Foodie Mama for the recipe.

2. Brownie Muffins

Use boxed brownie mix to make muffins

Use boxed brownie mix to make muffins | iStock.com

“These box brownie muffins were really moist,” writes Cooking With Kait. Her brownies are light and fluffy but retain the characteristic richness of their brownie brethren, making a fantastic alternative to the norm. Additionally, these sweets are easy to make — just mix, pour, bake, and enjoy! The recipe yields 12 brownie muffins.

Visit Cooking With Kait for the recipe.

3. Brownie Batter Cheesecake


Brownie batter cheesecake | iStock.com

“Bake up this decadent, chocolatey cheesecake using dry brownie mix, cream cheese, butter, and whipping cream,” Mostly Homemade Mom tells her readers. Nothing beats the luscious quality of a homemade cheesecake. This 5-ingredient couldn’t get any easier, making it an ideal option for cooks of all skill levels. For best results, garnish with whipped cream and miniature chocolate chips. The recipe, taken from Betty Crocker, yields 1 (9-inch) cheesecake.

Visit Mostly Homemade Mom for the recipe.

4. Brownie Batter Puppy Chow

melted chocolate

Melted chocolate | iStock.com

Blogger Lynn April of Fresh April Flours calls this brownie batter puppy chow “rich and chocolatey and almost slightly gooey.” The incredible texture of this dessert is complemented by a fudgy, to-die-for taste. Powdered sugar, melted chocolate, sugar, cocoa, and sprinkles are all it takes to whip up a batch of the mouthwatering dessert for yourself. Best of all, the recipe requires only 15 minutes in the kitchen!

Visit Fresh April Flours for the recipe.

5. Mint Brownie Swirl Fudge

melting chocolate

Melting chocolate | iStock.com

“The white chocolate fudge has a brownie mint fudge swirled throughout it,” writes Inside Bru Crew Life. “Each bite has the subtle taste of brownies and mint within the creamy white chocolate flavor.” You’ll be amazed at how creamy this fudge is — it’s particularly soft thanks to the addition of marshmallow cream, which prevents it from setting into a hard chocolaty sweet. The minty character of this dessert comes from the addition of Andes Candies, truly making it stand apart from the rest of your dessert favorites.

Visit Inside Bru Crew Life for the recipe.

6. Brownie Mix Ice Cream

chocolate ice cream

Brownie mix ice cream | iStock.com

“If you love brownie batter, this ice cream is a must!” exclaims Jellibean Journals. “Something about the addition of brownie mix to this no-cook ice cream base made it harden up perfectly in the freezer.” The brownie mix offers more than just textural perks, however — it also lends a fantastically fudgy element to the dish. For best results, finish off your creamy, cocoa-infused ice cream with a pinch of salt.

Visit Jellibean Journals for the recipe.