Wondrous Waffle Recipes You Can Make for Breakfast or Dessert

Although the Belgian waffle has enjoyed success overseas for centuries, the dish didn’t make its American debut until the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle, History Link reports. Just about everyone in the world loves these sweet treats, and food lovers are constantly coming up with new ways to improve them.

We’ve scoured the Internet to find seven of the most delectably sweet waffle recipes out there, making perfect indulgences for breakfast or dessert.

1. S’moreffles


Waffles | iStock.com

We all know s’mores are delicious when made over the campfire, but have you ever tried the same flavors in a waffle? It’s easier than you might think — and just as delicious! Blogger Daniel Shumski of Will It Waffle? uses his own waffle-centric lingo to describe the assembly of this superbly gooey treat, writing that “the dough is first waffled separately, and then the whole s’moreffle is briefly rewaffled to bring everything together.” Follow the step-by-step directions to deliciousness on his site.

Visit Will It Waffle? for the recipe.

2. Waffle Iron Churros

pumpkin waffles with cinnamon sugar

Waffle iron churros | iStock.com

Churro lovers will go nuts for these cinnamon-sugar-coated waffles, which bring you all the flavors of that delicious sugary treat without the hassle of using a deep-fryer. The hot, buttery base gets a coating of cinnamon sugar, which is then drenched in a spectacular homemade chocolate sauce. As an added bonus, Serious Eats adds that “the nooks and crannies of the waffled churros provide space for the chocolate sauce to pool.”

Visit Serious Eats for the recipe.

3. Carrot Cake Waffles

making waffles

Making waffles | Thinkstock

Treat your taste buds to Willow Bird Baking’s moist, nutmeg- and cinnamon-infused buttermilk waffles, offering a taste of sweet and spiced bliss. “The spices were warm and aromatic, and the nuts, raisins, and carrots made for a hearty texture,” explains blogger Julie Ruble. These satiating treats are topped off with an irresistible maple-cream cheese spread. Garnish with crushed walnuts to finish each bite with a crunch.

Visit Willow Bird Baking for the recipe.

4. Nutella Stuffed Waffles


Nutella | iStock.com

“These fluffy, short-cut waffles are stuffed with a gooey Nutella filling, perfect for a weekend breakfast treat,” writes Kirbie Cravings. They’re so good, it’s hard to believe they only require two ingredients! Start out with a roll of biscuit dough and split it into 2 layers. Drop those layers into your waffle iron, plop a tablespoon of Nutella in between, and cook!

Visit Kirbie Cravings for the recipe.

5. Elvis Waffles

Chopping bacon | iStock.com

Chopping bacon | iStock.com

It’s been a long time since the King’s reign, but sources from Salon to Bon Appétit continue to report on Elvis Presley’s quirky flavor fascinations to this day. The singer’s sandwich of choice was reportedly a sweet and savory mash-up of peanut butter, banana, and bacon. Indulge in those same flavors in waffle form using this recipe from Bacon Egg & Cheese(cake), who notes that you should “use lovely thick cut high quality smoky bacon, as it really makes a huge difference.”

Visit Bacon Egg & Cheese(cake) for the recipe.

6. Strawberry Waffle Skewers

Sandra Mu/Getty Images

Strawberries for waffle skewers | Sandra Mu/Getty Images

“Waffles are a brunch staple,” writes A Latte Food. “And when topped with whipped cream and some sort of fruit? Incredible.” You can whip up a batch of these refreshing and sweet strawberry waffle skewers in about 15 minutes, making them ideal for breakfast, brunch, or a quick after-dinner treat. Serve with sweet homemade whipped cream for a truly unforgettable dish. The recipe yields 13 to 14 small waffle skewers.

Visit A Latte Food for the recipe.

7. Banana Chai Waffles


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For an elegant take on your classic waffle, try this banana chai variation. The essence of spicy Chai tea blends in this recipe beautifully with the banana and light hazelnut flavors, yielding wonderfully crispy treats to snack on at any time of day. “I like to serve these waffles with a scoop of ricotta/thick yogurt and sliced banana,” blogger Denise Kortlever writes, “but they’re also lovely with some cinnamon sugar or maple syrup.”

Visit The Little Things for the recipe.