Wasted Space No More: Make the Most of Your Nooks & Crannies


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There are many items you may want to organize and store: books, magazines, trinkets, and mementos. When you run out of room in the normal places, where do you go next? You might hire a professional organizer or optimize your home’s nooks and crannies as a DIY project. Nooks and crannies require a few tweaks to work as efficient storage space.

Where are nooks and crannies, and what should I do with them?

Although often considered small and hard to find, these spaces are larger than we imagine and often in plain site. Some spaces to consider include:

  • Under the bed
  • Behind a door
  • Under the sink
  • In a corner
  • Under the stairs

Here are some ideas for transforming these nooks and crannies into efficient and organized spaces:

1. Use recycled products

You can use items bought at a flea market or recyclables in your home as storage solutions. For example, you can adhere things like metal grates, coffee tins, and old mail organizers to a wall. You can also buy recycled wood from a lumber store and use it as shelves for books, magazines, or trinkets.

2. Make the most of your sink space

If your sink doesn’t have a door underneath, you can install a tension rod for hanging a drape. You can also use that tension rod to hang bottles or a bag for sponges and gloves, which frees up the cabinet space underneath. The space is also good for storing a floor mat, or maybe you can use the sink space for linens.

3. Install peg boards for kids

While peg boards are typically used for organizing garages, they can also help kids organize their rooms. Kids can hang crayon boxes, jewelry, backpacks, and other items that are usually strewn across the floor. It will help them develop a routine for storing items, which also helps you in keeping their rooms clean.

Source: iStock

Source: iStock

4. Make the most of corner shelves

Whether you buy bookshelves from a home improvement store or build them, you can install these in corners. Some stores sell shelves designed to fit in corners, as defined by their triangular shape. This adds storage space for books, magazines, trinkets, and other items. Corners that may have felt empty before will suddenly be a focal point. Be sure you don’t install bookshelves that are too thick though, or else the room will appear smaller.

5. Bins are your best friend

Storage bins are crucial if you’re going to optimize nooks and crannies underneath stairs or beds. They come in all shapes and sizes, and you can have ones that are see-through or solid. You can store clothes, shoes, toys, and other sundry items that don’t fit anywhere else. Storage under beds and stairs is ideal for seasonal items such as sweaters, blankets, and coats during the summer or light clothing during the winter. They also make under-bed shoe storage if your closets aren’t large enough to hold all your shoes. It will make them easy to reach for and still quick to push out of the way for navigating a room.

Is this project too big for you?

While some projects seem simple, others may be too complicated and turn into hazards in your home. That’s where professional organizers come in with their expertise. Is it worth the investment to hire an organizer?

The answer depends on how many nooks and crannies you have and how much you want to spend. While you save money by doing the project yourself, you could run into problems with shelving installation, spending too much on materials, and possibly injuring yourself. Organizers have the experience, relationship with suppliers and teams to do all of this quickly, and usually for a fair price. You should at least speak with a few, as it might save you some money and possible injuries.

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