What Does Your Kitchen Say About You?

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When it comes to kitchens, functions might come first, but form is a close second—especially for those who believe that their interior design styles should properly reflect their personalities. So, what does your kitchen design style say about you? Read on.


Traditional design used to evoke images of the 18th century England or the French countryside. Today’s traditional style is a bit more modern, casual and warm. If you like timeless, understated design and pride yourself on looking good, but not flashy, you’re a traditionalist. To get this look, choose dark oak cabinets, rich granite counters, and natural wood flooring. Complete the look by adding a detailed tile backsplash, formal window treatments, and tasteful accent lighting.


Fun fact: Despite its name, modern design traces its origins to the late 1800s. While easy to confuse with contemporary design, modern design refers to a style that was popular from the 1920s through the 1950s and is defined by clean lines, the moderate use of color, and the use of natural materials (we love the wood flooring and understated white cabinets). If you consider yourself kind of retro, but not quite trendy, then a modern kitchen is the style for you.

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If you like making bold statements and consider yourself stylish and sophisticated, you’ll be a fan of contemporary design. Defined by tone-on-tone color choices, clean lines with smooth surfaces, metallic finished, and natural fabrics, contemporary design is the perfect choice for those who think form is just as important as function. With beautiful black cabinets, lustrous stainless steel appliances, and crisp white granite countertops and marble flooring, this kitchen proves how stunning contemporary design can be when done right.


Are you laid-back and classically contemporary? If so, this transitional kitchen is right up your alley. Built by fusing the best of traditional and contemporary design styles, transitional design creates clean, relaxing spaces that look timeless and contemporary. Tone-on-tone cabinets and counters, combined with stainless steel appliances and tasteful tile accents give this transitional kitchen a look that will last.


Would you describe yourself as creative, independent, and intuitive? If so, eclectic design is the style for you. Anything but random, eclectic design creates a unified look by combining elements and styles from different time periods and different origins. Featuring a sleek stainless steel stove, a cool slate backsplash, and a touch of the French countryside, this kitchen is a perfect example of eclectic design at its best.

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