What Your Kitchen Design Says About You

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Every design aspect of your house should reflect your personality. Whether you’re adding new countertops to your bathroom, new carpeting in the bedroom, or some flair to your home office, no design element should be added without your personal persona.

When it comes to renovations, no project tells you more about a person than their kitchen. If you recently remodeled your kitchen or bought a house with a new kitchen, see what your kitchen design says about you.

Traditional Kitchens

Despite modern upgrades sweeping the country, traditional kitchens still reign supreme. Years ago, all traditional kitchens used to evoke 18th century England, but today, traditional kitchens are mixing in modern touches that are casual and warm.

Experts say that traditional kitchen owners love timeless designs and pride themselves on looking good, but not flashy. More often than not, the kitchen contains wood floors and rich granite counters. Finally, no traditional kitchen would be complete without dark cabinets. Just know, the average cost of kitchen cabinet installation across the country is $4,036.

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Contemporary Kitchens

Bold statements are made with contemporary kitchens. Sophisticated and confident homeowners who put form right up there with function love contemporary designs. They frequently feature black cabinets, white counters, stainless steel appliances, and marble flooring. Some may confuse contemporary with modern, but contemporary comes with a classier versus retro look. It shows off your cosmopolitan and modish side.

If you are thinking of replacing your kitchen countertops with white marble or any other contemporary design, see the average price of countertop installation near you.

Modern Kitchens

Natural materials and clean lines define modern kitchens. As previously stated, while they look quite similar to contemporary design, their retro design actually dates back to the 1920s (ironic given its name). As you can see from the image above, many modern kitchens feature a lot of white and few, if any, colors.

Those with modern kitchens are generally described as very clean and organized. Given the lack of color, unorganized modern kitchens stick out like sore thumbs. Modern kitchen owners tend to be left-brained thinkers who value efficiency as much as anyone.

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Transitional Kitchens

Compared to other descriptions, transitional kitchen owners are laid back and enjoy relaxing spaces that look timeless. They tend to fuse a bit of traditional and contemporary design into their kitchens. As such, they frequently feature tone-on-tone cabinets and counters, stainless steel appliances and tasteful tile accents. It’s a mix of colors, tones and materials.

In the picture above, the home remodelers featured wood cabinets, wood flooring and steel appliances. In fact, chrome appliances and creative backsplashes tell outsides that you are a confident go-getter driven by success. You love throwing parties and showing everyone a good time in your transitional kitchen.

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Eclectic Kitchens

Most of the kitchens described thus far have left out right-brained individuals. Well, those who describe themselves as creative, independent and intuitive typically choose eclectic kitchens. Eclectic kitchens combine elements from different time periods and origins. Some have stainless steel touches but others throw in a bit of the French countryside.

In fact, eclectic kitchens like the one above tell others that you are cultured and like to travel. Hence, the wall mural in the room beside was a big design statement in this dining room and kitchen remodel.

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Rustic Kitchens

Finally, there are those of us who can’t get enough of rustic kitchen designs. Their homey feel gives the impression that you are nurturing and want all your guests to be fed and feel cheerful.

Rustic kitchens frequently feature hardwood floors, wood cabinets, large refrigerators and granite counters. Some include butcher block counters, but as you can imagine, too much of one tone (wood) can be a little much, even for rustic enthusiasts.


Of course, there are exceptions to the trends. Creative people do own traditional kitchens and driven homeowners do own those with eclectic designs. Nonetheless, if you want your kitchen to match your personality, you may want to think about remodeling. What kitchen design did you go with? Does it match the description above?

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