Where to Put Your Books

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Bookshelves are often overlooked when it comes to designing the interior of a home. The truth is that the right bookcase in the right place can make a world of difference, increasing the beauty of an interior and decreasing the clutter. Here are a few suggestions for different types of bookshelves to consider if you’re in the market.

Freestanding Models

You can’t beat a good freestanding bookcase for convenience. Not only are they great places to store books and knick-knacks, but they can be attractive furniture additions to your living spaces, as well. The beauty of freestanding book shelves is the incredible variety of styles available. Corner bookcases are wonderful for making use of those odd corners in the living room or den, and provide an attractive place to store and display books and other valuables.

Rotating models are also available, and are very handy when used as end tables to store books, magazines, remotes, and other things you want to have within arm’s reach when stretching out on the couch.

If you’re looking for something really distinctive, consider a doored bookcase, a close cousin of the china cabinet. These are great for displaying everything from grandma’s old dishes to that autographed copy of The Old Man and the Sea that you’re always telling everybody about. The fact is that when you’re talking freestanding bookshelves, there’s a model out there that will satisfy just about any space, taste, and budget.

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Built-In Bookshelves for Convenience

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the amount of furniture you already have, you’ll want to consider having custom built-in bookcases installed instead for about $2,000. These can be custom designed to fit your living spaces and often can be fitted in out of the way places or recessed into a wall where a freestanding model just wouldn’t work.

Some examples of places where built-in bookshelves can really bring a room together include around fireplaces, doors and windows, beneath stairs or running up them, and in odd corners throughout the house. Bookcases have even been built in to serve as a barrier and divide a room into two distinct areas. If you have a space you think a custom built-in bookcase might be the ticket, there’s a furniture builder or local handyman out there who can make it happen.

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