Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

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Whether decorating a newly constructed home or updating an existing structure, many homeowners don’t know how to create the style they want through paint colors, furnishings and layout. In these cases, the best option might be to hire an interior designer or an interior decorator. These trained professionals typically have degrees or certifications in the field, and they can help with everything from choosing the right color palette to buying the perfect furnishings for the entire home. These tips can explain the benefits of this service, as well as how to hire an interior designer or decorator.

Benefits of Hiring an Interior Decorator/Designer

Not every homeowner necessarily needs to hire an interior designer or a decorator, but understanding more about the benefits of these professionals can help determine whether they are the right fit. Some of the benefits of interior decorators and designers include the fact that they create a realistic budget for design ideas, formulate a cohesive look throughout the home, have the best resources and contacts when sourcing materials, and can help upscale shoppers save money. In addition, decorators can be an invaluable option when trying to sell the home: They can create a staged area that appeals to buyers and increases the potential value of the property.

What to Look For

Not all interior designers have the same experience, credentials or style, so there are a few key things to look for when making a selection. Here are some of the top things to watch for when hiring an interior designer or decorator:

  • Proximity to the home
  • Realistic and specific time frames for completion of projects
  • Experience working with a range of budgets
  • Several years of experience in the field
  • Verifiable credentials or a degree

Ask for Payment Information Upfront

Before hiring an interior designer or decorator, homeowners should be sure to find out about their pay structure. Believe it or not, hiring design professionals can actually save homeowners money because many don’t take any fees from the client. Instead, they receive bonuses or commissions from furniture, carpet, and paint companies whenever they sell their products to clients. However, some decorators will charge for consultations, home visits, or hourly rates, and this may be a determining factor in which person is the best fit for any particular project.

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Browse Through Their Portfolio

Although interior decorators and designers can typically create living spaces in a variety of styles, they may have a preference toward rustic environments or sleek, contemporary spaces. The best way to identify a decorator’s unique style is to browse through their portfolio. This might be a physical book full of photos, but in today’s world, it tends to be a website full of their best projects.

Start With a Face-To-Face Consultation

To confirm that a designer is the right fit, homeowners should meet with them in person at least once before hire. This might be in the office of the designer, or it could be at the home that needs styling. If the designer hasn’t yet seen the space, homeowners should bring along some photos and ask for general outlines of what could be done. If homeowners like what they hear, then this could be the start of a great working partnership.


Hiring an interior designer or an interior decorator can feel overwhelming thanks to so many choices, but a few key steps can make it simpler. Once homeowners understand the designer’s style, payment methods and recent projects, they can determine if the designer is the right fit.

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