Top 10 Most-Promising Jobs That Pay Over $75,000

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

One of the only economic barometers lower than the headline unemployment rate these days is wage growth. No matter how many people find jobs or how many job openings employers list, Americans are having a difficult time finding larger paychecks.

The economy added an estimated 271,000 jobs in October, pushing the unemployment rate to 5%, its lowest level in over seven years. In comparison, the unemployment rate hit 10% six years earlier. Yet we still live in a world of low interest rates as other labor market indicators keep central banks up at night. In fact, year-over-year wage growth of 2.5% was good enough to steal the spotlight of the October jobs report. It was the highest wage growth since July 2009, and a refreshing break of tradition from wage increases in the 2%-2.3% range seen all year long.

While the latest jobs report provides hope that noticeably higher wages are on the horizon, some industries have been experiencing strong wage growth and salaries for years. CareerBuilder analyzed the industries with at least 250,000 jobs and average earnings of $75,000 or greater that have experienced the highest wage growth since 2010.

Let’s take a look at the 10 most promising industries and what kind of jobs are available within those industries.

10. Aerospace product and parts manufacturing

  • Sample occupations: Aircraft structure, surfaces, rigging and systems assembler; aerospace engineer; inspector, tester, sorter, sampler and weigher
  • Percent change in earnings (2010-2015): 2.8
  • 2015 average earnings: $94,124

9. Software publishers

  • Sample occupations: Software developer, applications; computer programmer; software developer, systems software
  • Percent change in earnings (2010-2015): 2.9
  • 2015 average earnings: $139,291

8. Insurance carriers

  • Sample occupations: Insurance sales agent; insurance underwriter; insurance claims and policy processing clerk
  • Percent change in earnings (2010-2015): 3.4
  • 2015 average earnings: $84,879

7. Management of companies and enterprises

  • Sample occupations: Accountant and auditor; financial manager; general and operations manager
  • Percent change in earnings (2010-2015): 4.6
  • 2015 average earnings: $111,951

6. Support activities for mining

  • Sample occupations: Roustabout, oil and gas; service unit operator, oil, gas and mining; tractor-trailer truck driver
  • Percent change in earnings (2010-2015): 5.3
  • 2015 average earnings: $87,878

5. Data processing, hosting and related services

  • Sample occupations: Customer service representative; computer systems analyst; software developer, applications
  • Percent change in earnings (2010-2015): 6
  • 2015 average earnings: $91,852

4. Semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing

  • Sample occupations: Electrical and electronic equipment assembler; semiconductor processor; electrical and electronics engineering technician
  • Percent change in earnings (2010-2015): 6.6
  • 2015 average earnings: $96,606

3. Pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing

  • Sample occupations: Packaging and filling machine operator and tender; chemist; mixing and blending machine setter, operator and tender
  • Percent change in earnings (2010-2015): 7.8
  • 2015 average earnings: $119,522

2. Scientific research and development

  • Sample occupations: Medical scientist, except epidemiologist; biological technician; biochemist and biophysicist
  • Percent change in earnings (2010-2015): 9.6
  • 2015 average earnings: $117,196

1. Scheduled air transportation

  • Sample occupations: Flight attendant; airline pilot, co-pilot and flight engineer; aircraft mechanic and service technician
  • Percent change in earnings (2010-2015): 16.7
  • 2015 average earnings: $75,284

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