10 High-Paying Side Jobs You Can Do in Your Free Time

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If you’re looking to make extra money, you might be thinking about getting a side job so you can boost your earnings. However, you might be hesitant because you don’t think you can make much money with a side hustle. Know that you can still earn a decent amount of money with a job on the side. Flex Jobs came out with a list of some of the highest-paying side jobs.

Here are 10 high-paying side jobs you can do in your free time, according to FlexJobs.

10. Lead generation specialist

  • Pay: $20 an hour

Lead generation specialists search for, approve, and acquire appointments for companies and business-development teams. Massachusetts, California, New York, and Colorado have the highest concentration of jobs in this field.

9. Freelance photographer

  • Pay: Up to $21 an hour

If you’re handy with a camera, you can find jobs where you will use your talent to take photos of everything from products to weddings. The highest-paid photographers work in broadcasting. They can make an average of $21.94 an hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

8. Accountant

  • Pay: $25 an hour

Jobs in accounting and auditing are projected to grow 10% from 2016 to 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Similar jobs to consider are bookkeeping, budget analysis, and financial analysis.

7. Online communications associate

  • Pay: Up to $25 an hour

Online communications associates are responsible for social media engagement, creating public relations strategies, and producing content. Similar jobs in this field include public relations and writing.

6. Software developer

  • Pay: Up to $30 an hour

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the employment of software developers will grow 24% from 2016 to 2026, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. The estimated growth in employment of applications developers is 31%, and the employment of systems developers is projected to grow by 11%. Software developers are responsible for duties such as the maintenance and revision of applications, testing automation design, and troubleshooting issues.

5. Web designer

  • Pay: $32 an hour

The estimated growth of employment in the web design field is 15% from 2016 to 2026. Web designers help with the design of websites. If you’re interested in web design, you’ll need to know program knowledge such as CSS and WordPress.

4. Sign language interpreter

  • Pay: $36.50 an hour

If you know sign language and have the proper license, you might be able to work part-time as a sign language interpreter. Duties include helping people who are hearing impaired communicate with others.   Interpreters and translators can expect job growth of 18% from 2016 to 2026, which is much faster than average for all occupations.

3. Project manager

  • Pay: $43 an hour

Project managers make sure major projects are completed on time. They also monitor budgets, ensure quality, oversee a team, and take on other duties as necessary. Similar jobs include administrative services management and training and development managers.

2. Business consultant

  • Pay: $48 an hour

Business consultants enjoy a great amount of flexibility. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the consulting industry is expected to grow 14% from 2016 to 2026. Similar jobs include survey researchers and financial managers.

1. Curriculum writer

  • Pay: $50 an hour

Curriculum writers have a projected job growth of 11% from 2016 to 2026. Curriculum writers develop curriculum and teaching guides for classroom instruction. If you’re interested in this job, know that you might need previous teaching experience.

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