10 Jobs That Will Be Hiring Like Crazy in 2017

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The job market goes up and down, and sometimes it can be difficult to predict which fields are going to do well, and which will see little or no job growth at all. The minimum wage debate has been monopolizing much of the news coverage lately, and there are still several jobs that don’t even pay minimum wage. Thankfully, some of these jobs pay fairly well once you count tips, but not all of them are going to see continued job growth.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released information on the 20 occupations with the biggest change of employment between 2014 and 2024. Looking for a job in one of these fields or occupations is a great idea if you are hoping to change fields, have a potentially more stable job with a positive future outlook, or you want to know where to look for abundant jobs.

The occupations included in the Bureau of Labor Statistics list vary greatly when it comes to the field that they fall under, so there are opportunities for many different kinds of positions, from wind turbine service technicians to personal financial advisors. Some positions require little education or training, and some require a Master’s or even a doctoral degree.

Here are 10 of the jobs that you can bet will be abundant in 2017 and beyond.

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