The 10 Least Stressful Jobs in America for 2017

man relaxing in a hammock

Man relaxing in a hammock |

It’s Monday morning and your alarm clock rings loudly in your ear. You angrily hit the snooze button and pull the covers over your head. Five minutes later, the alarm wails again, urging you to get out of bed and start yet another miserable work day. After 15 minutes, you reluctantly get up, get dressed, and head out the door. Before you can even get to your cubicle, your boss starts yelling at you about being two minutes late, your co-workers are asking questions about an upcoming project, and your desk phone starts ringing. Thoughts of going to lunch and never coming back are filling your mind.

Are you always stressed out? Do you dread getting up in the mornings to go to work? If you’re stressed about your job, it’s not an uncommon feeling. Money and work are the top two sources of significant stress (67% and 65% respectively), according to American Psychological Association studies. Work stress isn’t something that should be ignored because it can have a terrible impact on your overall health. Studies have shown that a stressful job situation can even cause premature death.

If you’re looking for a change and some peace of mind, you may want to try switching jobs or changing careers entirely. Sometimes, reducing work stress is as simple leaving your current job and carving out a new career path. Are you ready for something new? Luckily, career website CareerCast came out with a list of jobs that can help you pay the bills without developing an ulcer. They rated each job’s stress level based on stress factors such as industry growth potential, physical demands of the job, and required amount of travel. (The methodology they used to calculate stress scores can be seen here.) Here are the 10 least stressful jobs in America for 2017, according to CareerCast.

10. Medical laboratory technician

lab technician

Laboratory technician working |

  • Stress score: 10.31
  • Median annual salary: $50,550
  • Growth outlook: 9%

9. Pharmacy technician

pharmacy technician

Pharmacy technician |

  • Stress score: 9.10
  • Median annual salary: $30,410
  • Growth outlook: 9%

8. Operations research analyst

man holding a tablet

Man holding a tablet |

  • Stress score: 9.02
  • Median annual salary: $78,630
  • Growth outlook: 30%

7. Jeweler

Jewelry box

Jewelry box |

  • Stress score: 8.95
  • Median annual salary: $37,060
  • Growth outlook: -11%

6. Medical records technician

Medical Team Standing Outside Hospital

Medical staff |

  • Stress score: 8.57
  • Median annual salary: $37,110
  • Growth outlook: 15%

5. College professor

professor, teacher

Professor |

  • Stress score: 8.17
  • Median annual salary: $72,470
  • Growth outlook: 13%

4. Audiologist

Woman holds her hand near ear

Woman trying to listen |

  • Stress score: 7.31
  • Median annual salary: $74,890
  • Growth outlook: 29%

3. Hair stylist

black woman looking at her hair

Woman playing with her hair |

  • Stress score: 5.80
  • Median annual salary: $23,710
  • Growth outlook: 10%

2. Compliance officer


Man and woman working at a computer |

  • Stress score: 5.73
  • Median annual salary: $65,640
  • Growth outlook: 3%

1. Diagnostic medical sonographer

medical team suiting up prior to surgery

Doctor putting on gloves |

  • Stress score: 4.00
  • Median annual salary: $63,630
  • Growth outlook: 24%

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